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Which Photo of Graham's Cookies Would you Vote for? Coronavirus Update - Day 128 and Counting....

I told the kids today that I wanted to improve the food photos I put on my blog. The food photos always take a back seat to the ones I take of the kids because I am usually rushing to get dinner on the table while quickly trying to snap a photo of what I'm serving, with four ravenous kids chomping at the bit.

I look at other blogs (mostly food blogs) and feel food photo envy. I can do that!  I have a background in food styling and am not a bad photographer, what's my excuse?

Today I was reminiscing about my days of professional food styling. I enjoyed it almost as much as preparing the food. I was telling the kids how much time it entailed to photograph just one dish. I had studio lighting, a vast array of props (gorgeous plates, napkins, and the kind) at my disposal and a professional photographer to make sure everything was just so. Those were the days.

Now I am cooking the food, trying to manage four hungry (and sometimes hangry) kids while still trying to capture gorgeous photos of my food for the blog. I don't want a riot on my hands, nor to serve cold food, so it's a balancing act.  

I may not be able to take perfect photos of all my dishes that would be worthy of a cover shot on Bon Appetit, but I can certainly try. I love challenges. 

Garin got on the computer and researched the topic for me, as he is so good at doing. He found a website called with a lot of good suggestions. We played around with a few of the techniques using Graham's cookies. We had a lot of fun! 

Please weigh in and let us know which of the three photos you like best by leaving a comment below. Garin and Graham would be thrilled to hear from you!

Graham made homemade Oatmeal and Pecan Cookies today.

He did most of it himself, with a little chopping help from Miles and a few pointers from me.

Each cookie was scooped perfectly.

Fresh out and warm of the oven. Graham gave each of us a sample and they were perfectly baked and utterly divine.

Photo #1 - White plate, colored ramikins with blurred photos of oats and pecans. This is Garin's favorite.

Photo #2 - White plate and glass of milk to go with cookies, rather than ramekins. This was Catherine's idea so of course it's her favorite.

Photo #3 - Colorful plate, coordinating with ramekins. Ingredients not blurred out. I think this is my favorite becuase of the pop of color on the plate.

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3 comentarios

Siobhan Cushing
Siobhan Cushing
19 jul 2020

Hi there Graham. I am going to have to vote for photo #2! The milk with the cookies

makes a difference and of course now I would like a glass of milk to go with those delicious cookies that made. Let us know which photo is the winner!

Me gusta

Barbara Lipkin
Barbara Lipkin
18 jul 2020

My vote also goes to the yellow plate. The color pop makes the difference.

Me gusta

Hi, everyone! My vote goes to the yellow plate, although they all look scrumptious. I must say that my eyes are most drawn to the ones where the cook is in the action--I really love the shots of Graham focused on portioning the cookie dough, and the one of him holding the hot cookies is so relatable to anyone who has had the satisfaction of having a recipe turn out well!

Me gusta
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