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My Pug Drawings! By Miles Lieblich. Coronavirus Update -Day 155 and Counting...

Hi, I am Miles. I am writing a blog. Here are my pug drawings. I hope you like them!

This is me telling you about my art.

A little more...

The first guy is a baby and then when he is 8 years old. The third guy is an adult and the last one is a grandpa. They are all the same pug and their job is being a doctor. They have the little doctor thing (medical cross) that they have on doctors trucks (Ambulance).

In the first picture, the really small one is the baby and the other one is an adult. The second picture is the grandpa.

The bottom one is another pug with really fancy hair. They are all painters.

The first one is a pig pug and he is a kid. The other one is a babysitter. They are father and son.

Thanks for seeing my blog.

Hope you liked my pugs.



-Narraratted by Miles Lieblich, Written by Garin Lieblich-

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