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When the Punishment Becomes a Reward. Coronavirus Update - Day 112 and Counting...

In my post on Monday, I wrote about putting Garin to work on the unremitting photo project, after our recent problems with unauthorized screen time began spiraling out of control. At the time, other than a large-scale cleaning project, it seemed like the most undesirable project I could assign to him while driving home the point that I had not been pleased (to put it mildly) with his behavior.

When embarked on the project on Monday, I got the sense quite quickly that it wasn't feeling like any sort of punishment to him. It was just the opposite. He seemed to be enjoying having uninterrupted time with me and was taking to the project itself quite eagerly. However, I didn't think it would last. As I often am, I was wrong.

Yesterday, he was up bright and early, organizing photos. When I returned home from my walk, he had organized the next set of photos we had to do, which were the two first months of 2017. I was shocked. He was showing me all his organization and asking me when we might be able to resume our work together. So much for giving him a displeasing assignment.

He followed me around most of yesterday, showing me photos, asking me questions, and doing just about anything he could to entice me to work with him. Unfortunately, I had so many other irons in the fire that I couldn't take the time to work with him. He was genuinely disappointed. I took note and made sure that I would be able to arrange my day today so that we could resume our work.

Once again, by the time I returned from my walk at 9, he greeted me at the door asking how quickly I might be able to get started on the project. I told him that as soon as I could get a few morning chores done, get dressed, and make sure the other kids were settled in an activity, I would join him. He waited with bated breath.

By 10:30 we were at the table and working away. He asked if he could take on the role of Project Manager, while served as his assistant. I promptly agreed. He did a superb job. As I watched him work away with abundant enthusiasm, I couldn't help but reflect on the irony of it all.

I had given him this project as a consequence for unseemly behavior and now he was doing it with great passion, excitement, and enthusiasm. I wondered how I had gauged this so incorrectly?

First, working on a project with me, without anyone else around, was certainly part of the appeal, I had no doubt. Also, Garin thrives on learning new skills, so mastering the tedious process, from beginning to end (shooting, editing, selecting, ordering, collating, and placing) of making a high-quality photo album seemed to fascinate him. Finally, I believe the relief of not being on a computer, at least for now, was also part of the appeal.

I don't know how long his enthusiasm or help will continue, but I couldn't be happier to have his company, ideas, and support as I continue to toil at this seemingly never-ending project.

Miles' latest Magna-tile masterpiece.

His creativity inspires us all.

It's taller than Mommy!

Garin volunteered to help organize and clean out kitchen drawers this morning. Wonders never cease.

Today's schedule for Kindacamp.

Garin and Miles (still in his Pjs after lunch), built a habitat (AKA the Roly Poly Hotel) for their Pill bug as part of their project for camp today.

Garin getting started the photo project.

Working together.

Our pastry chef making dessert.

Ta-da! Lemon-Glazed Pound Cake. This is fourth dessert he's made this week without any help.

Miles built this special fort, with garden chairs, for Fitzy.

Fitzy enjoying dinner in his fort.

Chicken Fajitas. Scrumptious!

Warm Tortillas to accompany the fajitas. My favorite ones are the Truly Handmade Flour Tortillas from Trader Joe's.

Restaurant-style tortilla chips (again, Trader Joe's ones are the best); shredded cheese; mild and medium salsas; and sour cream for the fajitas.

Lemon Pound Cake with Whipped Cream for dessert.

Catherine's lovely feline watercolor paintings from art class yesterday.

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