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When the Earthquake Hits and Aliens Arrive, We'll have Plenty of Food. Coronavirus Update - Day 111.

Today felt like it was about food. I had put off going to the market as long as I could, so today was judgment day.

With COVID-19 exploding in California and particularly Los Angeles County, where we live, I felt torn about grocery shopping. On the one hand, I fret about going anywhere where I might be exposed to the virus. On the other hand, I worry because things are getting worse by the day, so I convince myself that I should indulge in some panic-buying in the case the entire state shuts down. Of course, the latter/irrational line of thinking won out.

I had a solid game plan on how to tackle all this. Catherine had a 90-minute art class this afternoon. I would leave the boys at home while I took her to her class. I hadn't made a Trader Joe's run in a long time, so I was overdue. There was one just a few miles down the road from her art studio, so I knew the timing would work out perfectly.

Before my TJ's run, I spent much of the day rummaging through cabinets, drawers, refrigerators, and freezers, taking inventory. I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss a single thing. With COVID-19 consuming California like an afternoon snack, I had to make sure that I got every item I might ever need.

I am not sure if you have ever spent 90 minutes at a Trader Joes, but that 's a long time. The store is small, so it's pretty easy to get through. When you spend 90 minutes at a Trader's Joes in panic-buying mode, you end up with two carts full of groceries and a sizable bill. Luckily I have five mouths to feed (six including Fitzy); plenty of refrigerator and freezer space to store the food; and a house full of aspiring cooks eager to prepare and eat the food. My flimsy justification is that none of it goes to waste.

Nonetheless, choosing it, buying it, bagging it, putting it into the car, getting it out of the car, and putting it all away is rather tedious and exhausting. Today I had two eager helpers who assisted me in putting it away, which was a godsend. We have a good system by now and Garin has become so proficient at getting the job done. I feel so grateful that my kids have learned so many helpful tasks around the house and are usually eager to be of assistance.

Once we got all the groceries put away, at around 6:45, I had to start dinner. More food. Food just seems to be a thing around here. I am either making lists of what I am running short on; buying it and putting it away; cooking it; or cleaning up after cooking it. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. However, I don't think my kids would agree, judging by the excitement on their faces at the sight of al their favorites being unloaded from those Trader Joe's bags today. I was just relieved that when the earthquake hits next week or the aliens land the week after that (which you know is coming) we're all set here, at least for meals anyway.

Catherine and Graham posing for a selfie with Coyote Peterson, for their class today, He discussed, in detail, being bitten and stung (on purpose) by every imaginable creature on earth. I guess that would explain why the class was called YEEOOW!: The Science of Bites and Stings. All I want to know is why didn't I think up the simple idea of being tortured for a living, making YouTube videos about it and making millions?

A more civilized camp experience on CampKinda today. Insect Week continued and the boys enjoyed crafting colorful insects out of construction paper. Miles enjoyed standing on the table.

Catherine diligently did her remote speech therapy session this afternoon.

Packed up and ready to leave Trader Joes.

My beloved helpers to whom I am eternally grateful.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at the sight of all the grocery bags. Me too!

With about half already put away in the outdoor refrigerator, this is what remained. If California shuts down completely you know who to call to borrow....well, anything.

Spoiler alert: Garin helping to prepare the marinade for the chicken fajitas that we'll have tomorrow night.

Graham squeezing the fresh lemon juice for the marinade.

Back by popular demand: Cheese Enchiladas. And yes, I will be preparing the recipe and posting it on my blog for my subscribers. I had so many requests last time I posted it that it won out to be the next featured recipe.

Cheesy Refried Beans on the side.

Christmas in June. I even put a fire on for Santa so that he could get into the holiday spirit

Catherine helping me out by reading bedtime stories to Miles.

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