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What's old is new Again. Keeping up with Trends in a Pandemic. CV Update - Day 113 and Counting...

While reading the New York Times today, I discovered that both the piano and roller skates have made big comebacks, since the onset of the pandemic. I felt pretty hip and trendy since we have both. It's reassuring to know that we are keeping up with the quarantrends, if only by happenstance. By the way, quarantrends is not a typo, rather a melding of the words quarantine and trend. Apparently, the melding of other words with the word quarantine also seems to be a trend now. I thought up that one myself and am quite impressed.

Getting back to the piano, I bought mine in 2006, long before it was trendy and long after 1906, the biggest selling year for pianos. I was unencumbered at the time and excited to re-learn this beautiful instrument. I had taken lessons as a child but lost all my skills. I didn't get very far with that endeavor, before I got pregnant with Garin and then the rest of my children, leaving my days of leisure a distant memory. With four tiny children, taking lessons and practicing the piano was not something I could consider indulging in. 

My beautiful piano sat idle until Garin started taking lessons when he was seven. I was so excited that someone was finally using the piano. His lessons have come in fits and starts. We have had some rough runs with pesky piano teachers, but finally, a year ago we found Miss Kim, the teacher we have now. She is wonderful! She also started teaching Catherine and Graham. The kids love her and have done very well under her guidance. 

Today was her first day back, exactly four months since she was here in March, just days before the lockdown. Our piano once again sat idle these past months, but no longer. It was wonderful to hear the sound of the children playing and filling the house with new music. 

It seems that with all the recent piano sales, due to the pandemic, my children will be good company with all the budding pianists. This is one of those happy pandemic stories that we all long to hear. 

Moving on to the roller skates. Catherine received her second pair of roller skates recently as a gift. She had grown out of her old ones and was excited to try her new shiny silver and lilac ones that Tessa sent. She never really mastered the art of roller-skating with her first pair, but seems to be quite determined now to become proficient, along with her scooter, bike, and stilts.  

The only problem seemed to be the boys' fascination with her skates. Miles found her old bright pink ones in the garage and without asking, took them out for a spin. She didn't seem too upset over that since she had outgrown them. However, both Garin and Graham wanted to take her shiny new ones out for a try, which did not sit well with her. We had an all-out war going on here when they put them on and skated around the backyard. Catherine doesn't take kindly to sharing her new toys with her brothers. She never has and I get the sense that she never will. 

If the boys continue with their interest in this re-emerging trend of roller-skating that is sweeping the county, I may be like the rest of the parents, scouring the internet for skates, in their respective sizes. Not that I would mind, because it sounds like a jolly-good family activity. Besides, I heard Dr. Fauci say that along with wearing a mask, it's always advisable to keep up with trends and The Jones' during a pandemic. 

Pajama roller-skating because everything everything is better in PJs.

Catherine on her new skates and PJs of course.

Finally dressed.

Getting her stride.

Trying to teach Graham.

Not going so well.

And's he's down...


Garin giving it a whirl, with a scooter for support. Please take note of the Pandemic PJ's (at 5 PM).

Miss Kim here for our first socially-distanced piano lesson. Graham did great! Garin was a little slower to get back on the proverbial horse.

Flank steak seared and cooked to medium rare on the BBQ.

The most incredible sauce/marinade for the steak made with a mix of olive oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and a variety of herbs and seasonings.

Baked potatoes served with butter and sour cream.

Sautéed broccoli rabe with olive oil garlic and lemon juice.

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