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We are Becoming Downright Boring and I am so Grateful! Coronavirus Update - Day 70 and Counting...

I think we have become downright boring. I am not complaining. After what we have been through over the past ten weeks, trying to adjust to this new normal, I will take boring any day. For now, we seem to have settled into a life of homeschooling, gardening, cooking, and some errands from time-to-time. Of course, there is the requisite cleaning and laundry too, but who wants to hear about that? No doubt you do enough of that at your own house.

In the beginning we were just treading water, trying to figure all this out. It was raining constantly, which felt cozy for quarantining but greatly limited our outdoor time. Now we have settled into a nice Spring routine. The weather is drier, but not too warm, and the kids have settled into somewhat of a routine with homeschooling. This is not to say that we don't have daily disruptions and battles over school, but I take them in stride more and try not to get as stressed out. We take a lot of breaks during the day and the kids love being involved with the cooking and the gardening. It is rewarding and fun for all of us. This is beginning to feel like our real life, as opposed to the old one we left behind.

Summer is right around the corner and we will have to reinvent the wheel, no doubt. The weather will be in the triple digits for much of the summer, most likely. There will be no summer camp and the gardening will come to a halt, except perhaps at 6 AM or 8 PM, when it is only 80 degrees. School will be over, which will be somewhat of a relief but will also eliminate the structure we have come to rely on.

I am not going to think about the summer quite yet. I am going to try to enjoy the groove we have gotten into, the lovely weather, and the fact that we are all still healthy and somewhat sane. A lot of gratitude and a good dose of denial seems to be the best medicine for now.

Miles and I went on our first afternoon of errands together. He usually stays at home with the kids, but since they were busy with school work, I decided to be courageous and take him with me. First stop; Citibank

Second stop: Wells Fargo. Miles got a lot of compliments on his stylish Spider Man mask made for him by Anna. It color coordinates with his fleece ski gloves I make him wear.

Third Stop: Ralphs. Things started to get a bit dicey and stressful by this time. He was no longer acting his chronological age of five, but rather his regressed age of about 3.

Fourth stop: Green Thumb Nursery to look at some plants and pick up a stunning blue hydrangea for the living room. From here we headed to Home Depot for a curbside pickup that took at least 30 minutes and didn't go very well at all. Miles was fed up from running errands and I was a bit fed up with him.

Catherine and Garin helping in the garden.

This is the only "gardening" Graham will do. Indoors and he generally prefers flower arranging.

Today was hoeing. Now I can see why people who garden are so fit and live into their 100's!

Garin losing his mind trying to figure out the Sudoku Magic Tile Square Puzzle sent to us by Tessa. Not much stumps this kid, but this puzzle is stumping him.

Miles creating a handmade thank you card for Tessa. He even asked how to spell her name and wrote it himself. We were impressed!

Miles out hoeing with Mommy right after his bath. Back in his PJ's again!

Dinner: Fish and Corn chowder with Potatoes, Yellow Peppers and Fresh Dill. It really hit the spot of a long day of gardening and homeschooling

Dessert: Chocolate Pudding with Marshmallows, Whipped Cream and Chopped Peanuts.

The blue hydrangea I had been dreaming about getting for weeks. It is now front and center in my living room and bringing me such joy.

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