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Top-Notch Crew Cleans our House to Perfection! Coronavirus Update - Day 67 and Counting...

After our grueling day of organizing yesterday, I didn't think the kids would be game for cleaning the house today. Boy was I wrong. Garin was up dusting bright and early and couldn't wait to report back to me how well he had done. After I filled my crew up with a big pancake breakfast, they were off and running. We had cleaned most of the upstairs yesterday so all we had left was the downstairs. It went smashingly! The kids worked so hard (except for Miles, who wasn't too enthused) and did a great job. They had a great attitude and kept asking if they could do extra jobs. I wish some of the housekeepers I have had in the past (excluding my beloved Aurora who was with me for over 20 years), would have shown such enthusiasm. Like yesterday, the kids were proud of themselves for having taken on and conquered such a big project. They learned a lot about cleaning and seemed to enjoy the process. Our house looks amazing. Everything is in its place, clean and sparkling. I am grateful tonight not only for my clean house but for my kids, who continue to surprise and impress me, every day.

The delicious pancake breakfast I prepared for my crew to get them energized and motivated to clean.

Miles enjoying his morning sun bath with Fitzy.

A boy and his and dog. And would you take a look at that hair!

Miles pulling up the Beatles channel on Sirius XM, in preparation for cleaning. Blasting the Beatles is the only way my crew will work.

My crew does indoor windows.

They also do outdoor windows.

They clean sinks.

When necessary, they scrub down and hose off furniture outside and bring it back in,

They clean appliances.

They clean cabinets.

They vacuum upholstery.

They clean stoves.

They enjoy their well-earned break when done. Graham is reading Harry Potter for the third time. Reading selections are limited due to quarantine.

Enjoying a game of Connect 4 after cleaning.

Miles didn't do a lot of cleaning, but still enjoyed a little R and R anyway.

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