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The Ranking of the Roses and Tokyo 2021, Here we Come! Coronavirus Update - Day 124 and Counting...

We had a fun-filled day!

The photos below will fill you in our day and all the usual comings and goings at the Lieblich House. Don't miss the video toward the end of Miles in the pool. He might just surpass Michael Phleps one day! Enjoy!

Catherine and I were on a mission this morning to make our final choices for the perfect pink roses. We had 40 or more we had seen and liked on Saturday, at the rose farm, and had to narrow it down to just 11. We spent more than two hours, studied them online, ranked them and finally made our selection.

These were our lists, separated by shade of pink (light to dark) and type of rose (David Austin, Hybrid Tea, etc). We took our job quite seriously. We are so excited for them to arrive on Thursday or Friday of this week.

After much back and forth, we finally chose Eden for our new climbing roses on the fence. The runners-up were New Dawn and Pearly Gates. both gorgeous. You have to love those names. Catherine and I watched as they were installed today.

Daniel, our beloved swim teacher arriving this evening to give Miles his first lesson of the summer. We hadn't seen him in 11 months. Fitzy was happy to see him too!

Our goal is plain and simple: Get Miles completely water-safe ASAP. Daniel was in his full COVID-19 garb including both a mask and face shield. Thank you for accommodating my paranoia Daniel.

Miles rocked the kick board.

He was working on his rocket glide.

Getting ready to push off.

You won't believe the progress he made in one 30 minute lesson. Daniel says he will be ready for Tokyo by next summer! Watch this video and see him go.

He had an entire cheering squad, but no one was more proud of Miles, than Miles. Well-done Miles!

Dinner: Ina Garten's fabulous stuffed cabbage served with simple white rice and a mixed green salad.

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