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Taco (Salad) Tuesday. A Perfect Summer Dinner! Coronavirus Update - Day 139 and Counting...

We had one of those off days today. Sparing you the details, I am fast forwarding to our late afternoon and evening, when things started to look up. I was certainly grateful for that!

Miles had an awesome swim lesson and we had one of our favorite dinners - Taco Salad!

Spoiler alert: I will be posting this recipe later this week for all my subscribers. Subscribe today, so you don't miss out on this summer favorite. It's easy to prepare and everyone loves it. And you'll want to save the recipe for your next party (post-pandemic). It is perfect for a large crowd and so easy to prepare in advance.

Hoping your day ran a little more smoothly than ours!

Miles treading water and making it to the wall. He's coming along! Those floaties will be a distant memory soon.

All the fixings for our taco salad.

Catherine and Miles helping to put the salad together. A fun activity for kids.

Ta-da! This is one of the kids favorite meals. It's a real crowd pleaser!

Graham practicing the piano with Miles looking on, longingly. Miles improvises a lot on his own, but can't wait to start his formal lessons.

Graham played a duet with Miles toward the end of his practice time.

Catherine's deer that she painted for Graham this evening, in her art class.

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