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Something Tells me it's Going to be a Beautiful Summer! Coronavirus Update - Day 105 and Counting.

How can you beat a day where you son says you're the prettiest mommy in the world, your house is filled with the aroma of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies and a friend, from long ago, surprises you with a delivery of gorgeous flowers? The answer: You can't!

After I returned from my morning walk and before Summer Study Time started at 10, I dashed upstairs to get dressed. I didn't want to get sucked into the vortex of quarantine life and potentially miss my window of opportunity to dress, ending up in my walking clothes all day and inevitably peevish. As I looked around my closet the dress section grabbed my attention. I have not worn a single dress since the quarantine started, over three months ago. I had a good feeling the day would go better if I wore a dress. How right I was!

As soon as I was dressed I headed down the hall towards the kids' rooms. I found Graham and Miles in the twins' room. Graham was busy making both the beds perfectly, as only he can do, and Miles was reading a book at the table. As soon as I entered the room Miles fixated on me. He looked almost mesmerized. I took a quick mental note of the oddity of his gaze, dismissed it, and went over to help Graham with the bed. As I was helping to tuck in the sheet, this sweet voice came from behind me. "Wow Mommy, you look so pretty today. You have such a beautiful dress." Miles walked closer to me and continued. He pointed to the ruffled cuffs of my cardigan and said, "I like this fancy part of your sweater a lot." Finally, he stared at my hair and said, "And I like your hair rolled up that way and your golden necklace. You are the prettiest mommy in the whole widest world."

I had to catch my breath, honestly.  I can't believe he noticed how I looked. He had taken in every detail of what I was wearing and even noticed how I had put my hair in a chignon. I don't think I would have felt more flattered if I had turned around and seen Bradley Cooper standing there saying the same thing.  My little five-year-old son thinks I'm the prettiest mommy in the world. I don't care what else happens today. Nothing can take that feeling away. 

We had a lot of fun with all our new study materials and activities from Lakeshore. Although educational, the vibe was much more relaxed and laidback than homeschooling had been. 

After a late lunch, Miles helped me bake cookies, the first batch of our summer cookie-baking marathon. Meanwhile, Graham prepared the mashed potatoes (all on his own) for the shepherd's pie tonight. As always, we had such fun in the kitchen together. 

We headed out to the pool later in the later so the kids could relax and cool off (it was a toasty 88 degrees here today). I was outside with them when someone arrived at my door unexpectedly. It was a delivery of gorgeous flowers!   Can this day get any better? They were from an old high school friend whom I haven't seen in many years, but who is a loyal follower of my blog. The card read, "Have a Beautiful Summer." I was so touched. 

If today is any indication, I have high hopes that it will be a beautiful summer indeed!

Miles (and Fitzy) up early and awaiting the rest of the crew to start breakfast.

Miles and Catherine out playing PJ basketball this morning.

Garin working with Miles on his letters with Alphabet Locks. One of our new and exciting acquisitions from Lakeshore.

Catherine working on her United States capitals with a fun new puzzle from Lakeshore.

A Magna-tile empire built by our in-house architects.

This was our inaugural cookie recipe for the summer. You can never go wrong with good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies.

Miles helping and sneaking a few chips, of course.

Scooping the dough. After one scoop he said the trays were too big, he was tired, and would leave the rest to me. Thanks Miles!


The finished product. Scrumptious!

Graham working hard on the potatoes. He has now become a mashed potato master.

Graham mid-air in a cannon ball.

Miles on his way to a painful belly flop.

Garin making a big splash.

Neither the bee nor Graham had a good outcome.

Graham bravely nursing his bee sting. He didn't even cry after stepping on it.

My gorgeous flower arrangement. Hydrangeas, peonies and roses - three of my favorite flowers. Breathtaking!

Dinner: Tri tip Shepard's Pie and a Green Salad. It was my third and final night using the tri tip. It is so much fun to re-purpose leftovers, isn't' it?

I saw this on a neighbor's lawn when I was out walking today. It really touched me.

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