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Need a fun Escape from Quarantine? Try the Dentist! Coronavirus Update - Day 135 and Counting...

You know you must be in the middle of a pandemic when a trip to the dentist, to have a new crown done, constitutes a fun outing. That was my day today.

The excitement started with my getting dressed up this morning to go. This has become my new ritual for any appointment I have, not that I have many appointments, unfortunately. The simple fact that I am going somewhere to see someone is reason enough for me to get gussied up. In quarantine, just leaving the house is a hugely exciting event.

One could assume this excitement might be quelled by the fact that the appointment was to see my dentist (a universally dreaded event). However, it was not, not even in the slightest. An outing to the dentist is the new movie or dinner with a friend. Since those activities don't exist anymore in our new normal, as they like to call it, going for essential appointments, such as to the dentist or to have a colonoscopy, is all we have to look forward to.

Because we are living in a pandemic and my kids have nowhere to go, except with me, I had to bring them along. However, I wasn't going to let that little detail deter my excitement. I simply packed them each a delicious bagged lunch and the dental office set them up in a special private room so they could watch tv and movies on Hulu. Honestly, I think they were as excited to go as I was. PB and J sandwiches, bags of goldfish, and unlimited screen time. What kid is going to turn that down, especially when the alternative is another doldrum day of quarantining in your house?

My appointment started with my cleaning, which took forever. They are no longer able to use some of the standard equipment they once did, for health and safety reasons, so everything goes a bit slower. But I didn't mind. I like my hygienist, Wendy and always look forward to seeing her. All I had to do was lay back in the chair, close my eyes and relax (oh, and try to ignore the poking and prodding).

Close to the end of her cleaning, she had to use not one, but two of those frighteningly long injection needles of numbing medication, to prepare me for my crown procedure, coming next. I wasn't thrilled with that part, but I was out of the house and enjoying the change of scenery, so I wasn't going to let some a few nasty needles rain on my parade.

After my teeth were clean and the entire side of my face was numb, Wendy moved me to another room to start my work with Dr. Engle, my dentist. He has been my dentist for 20 years, so we go way back. His staff is wonderful and I always have a great experience (aside from the pain) when I go. His mom, Sandy, who is 85 (but you would never know it in a million years) even runs the front office. She is what all of us can only hope to be when we are her age. Her hair and nails are always perfect (even in a pandemic) and she is so lovely to talk to. Maria, who has also been there for years, has a charming southern accent and is a sweetheart, especially to my kids. I digress.....

Even though by the time I reached Dr. Engel today, my jaw hurt and I was tired, I didn't care. Dr. Engel and I always have great conversations, which is something that has been sorely lacking in my life, since quarantine started. We usually talk about music, but today we stumbled onto COVID-19, politics, the state of our country, and other timely topics. It was refreshing to speak to another well-read and intelligent adult, face-to-face, even through his multiple face masks and a face shield, not to mention the countless instruments in my mouth.

All in, we were at Dr. Engel's office for close to three hours. During that time, I never heard a peep out of my kids (something that I can't say happens at home for any three-hour period) They had their lunch and movies. I had interesting and lively conversations with amiable and intelligent adults.

So next time you need to escape your quarantine quarters, I highly recommend a fun trip to the dentist!

I needed to rest after I got home from the dentist, since I was a bit sore. Miles made me these adorable spider pictures as a get-well gift, of sorts.

Graham sat out from swimming this evening which made Fitzy very happy, since he had someone's lap to park himself on.

Ever the goof-ball. Garin enjoying his pre-dinner swim.

Miles practicing his back-float so he'll be ready to show it off to Daniel, his swim teacher, tomorrow at his next lesson


My little mermaid enjoyed her swim as well.

The most delicious barbecue chicken legs, done perfectly on the grill.

Summer Succotash: Corn, Onions and Yellow Peppers.

Baked Potatoes Bites.

Miles couldn't get enough of the chicken legs.

Watch out, Fred Flnstone!

Catherine and Graham were thrilled to receive their letters, on the same day, from their beloved pen pals.

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