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Miles Hard at Work, Inside and Out! Coronavirus Update - Day 133 and Counting...

Today was a pretty low key day.

We worked on workbooks for the three older kids and Kindergarten Gameshow activities with Miles. The landscape guys were here, so Catherine and Miles were back in the garden enjoying their work in the dirt - especially Miles. Garin continued on with his online Physics and Biology classes, which he is enjoying so much.

I served leftovers for dinner, hence the absence of any delectable food photos. It is so rare that I have enough leftovers to serve as a meal. Even for me, who loves to cook, it is so nice to have an occasional break. I had amassed leftovers from three separate nights to make one strange meal. We had two different kinds of pasta and fried rice. They didn't go well together at all and I could have cared less. The fact that dinner only took minutes to heat in the microwave and was served on paper plates, could not have made me happier.

We dined on our bizarre dinner on the patio overlooking our perfect roses, so I hardly noticed what I was eating. I am too smitten with my roses to notice much else, when I am in their company. It is true love!

I am sitting on my beloved navy couch as I close this post. Catherine just asked if it would be okay if she vacuums it tomorrow and gets the dust out of all the tufted buttons along the back and arms. Are you kidding? Am I dreaming? Nothing could make me happier!

Not a bad day in lockdown.

Kindergarten Boot Camp with Teacher Garin.

Miles helping the guys turn the soil. The guys hadn't been here in a few days, so he couldn't be happier they were back, so he could get back to digging.

Miles cleans pools as well. Sabas, our pool guy, was happy for the help (I think).

It's been a while since we all went on an evening walk. It is usually just Catherine (or Graham) and me. We had a lovely time, visiting with the barnyard animals.

The goats seemed pleased to see us. We are really smitten with goats!

The pot-bellied pig (Kevin Bacon) was too full and tired to make it up the hill to have a visit with us. We understood.

Miles is already planning his birthday, which won't be here until next February. If this pandemic is over by then, I might try to get over my snake phobia so that I can buy him a snake to celebrate.

Here are some shots, right before the sun went down, of my beloved roses. On the left are my Queen Elizabeth's, which are just starting to bloom and on the right are my absolutely perfect Tournament of Roses.

A hard-earned sleep for a tired boy.

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