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Let's get the Party Started...Congratulations Miles! Coronavirus Update - Day 81 and Counting...

Today was as quiet and uneventful as yesterday was action-packed, Thank goodness.

We got up this morning and took a nice late-morning walk in our neighborhood. Sometimes we drive to a different area of Hidden Hills, since it is quite expansive, to have a change of scenery. This morning we headed to Long Valley Road so we could see some of our favorite horses. There are also two houses there that have treehouses in the front yards, which are highly coveted by Miles, our resident chimpanzee.

We meandered for an hour or so, visiting with some horses and dogs. We also took in the various gardens we passed, inspecting all the flowers and trees since we have recently become a gardening family.

This afternoon was low-key, with our weekly Zoom church meeting at lunchtime. As expected, the topic of conversation mostly gravitated toward George Floyd and the ensuing unrest in our country this week. In addition to COVID-19, this is a lot for people to deal with, understandably.

The kids watched another installment of Harry Potter in the late afternoon, while I worked on my blog ALONE (and very peacefully) in my room, with a nice breeze coming through the window.

At 6, Miles' party commenced. He was very excited to celebrate his big accomplishment this week, graduating from preschool. The menu he chose for his party was chili, cornbread and for dessert, the kids favorite Parisian Cake from Gelsons. The weather was perfect and a lovely time was had by all!

Footnote: Tonight I will be posting my second recipe for subscribers only to my blog, so don't miss out. Make sure to subscribe today!

The morning walk in which two of the four went in their PJs. Par-for-the-course during COVID- 19.

We were especially taken with Pepe, the well-fed chihuahua.

Garin and Catherine were on chili duty.

Graham was on cornbread duty.

Our festive table.

The troops are ready for dinner!

Chili and Cornbread.

Miles celebratory cake.

That is one happy graduate.

One of Miles' requested gifts - a Peregrine Falcon. A stuffed one, in lieu of the real one he requested.

A little stop on our evening walk.

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