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Father's Day = Mother's Day Lite! Coronavirus Upadate - Day 102 and Counting.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I have decided to trade Mother's Day in for Father's Day. Since I am a single parent, I have my choice. I choose Father's Day.

Most of you will recall my post from Mother's Day. It was like most other mothers I heard from that day, stressful and overrated. Ours included Miles' using my phone to summon an uber we didn't need, burned pancakes, arguing galore, and lots of tears. That was just the first few hours of the day. Mother's Day is filled with expectations and pressure, inevitably leaving everyone is disappointed.

Father's Day, on the other hand, is a low-key, no-pressure holiday in our house, as I surmise in most households, even those with dads. My kids feel it is important to celebrate both holidays since I do the job of both parents. I agree and love that they feel that way. However, I don't want the pressure of Mother's Day and have made that abundantly clear.

When asked, I told them that all I wanted for Father's Day was clean (the house to stay clean for the day), cards (homemade cards from each of them), and quiet (no excessive loud voices or fighting). They agreed to that request.

After I made their favorite breakfast for them this morning, we headed to I Lakeshore to buy supplies for the summer. As we were leaving, I saw Garin preparing a surprise. He posted it on the door that leads from the house to the garage so that I would see it when we arrived back home. I was intrigued.

We had a fruitful trip to Lakeshore and stocked up on lots of fun educational activities for the summer. We bought workbooks, a basketball, a cooking set for Graham, crocheting for Catherine, craft supplies, and lots more. I left there feeling like we might have a fun and productive summer.

When we arrived home and pulled into the garage, I immediately opened the note on the door, which was titled, Lieblich Lunch Palace. The title sounded promising. I opened it up and found a delicious sounding menu that Garin had created. He had chosen the recipes from a children's cookbook that Jill, our librarian, sent home with all the books she selected for the kids a few days ago. Garin had two categories to choose from (Cheesy Mains and Appealing Appetizers). I was to choose one selection from each category. I chose the Creamy Mac and Cheese and the Dijon Dressing Salad. The troops got to work immediately.

Within half an hour (and some help me from me), we had a lovely lunch to eat, which they served outside on the patio under the umbrella. It was delicious. There weren't any crying or meltdowns in the process, for which I was grateful. I had to do quite a bit of persuading to get the kitchen cleaned up, but eventually, it got done.

After lunch, feeling inspired, Graham and Miles decided to bake some Strawberry Explosion Muffins out of another children's cookbook I thoroughly enjoyed watching the two of them navigate the recipe together. They ended up forgetting the sugar, so they didn't turn out as muffins, but rather more like strawberry shortbread. We served them for dessert, with ice cream. They were just perfect.

Other than a few snafus, the day turned out pretty well. I didn't have clean at all, so in my book, that always constitutes a good day.

I am a blessed and busy mom (and dad) of the four best kids on the planet. I wouldn't trade places with anyone, for the world.

Starting off Father's Day right with the kids' favorite breakfast: Banana Pancakes and Blueberry Smoothies.

Miles and Mommy enjoying some quiet reading time this morning.

Heading out with our loot from Lakeshore.

Garin's Menu (outside)

Garin's menu (inside)

Garin working on mac and cheese and Catherine working on the salad and dressing.

The busy aspiring chefs

Graham contemplating desserts.

The recipe book that Jill, our librarian, sent home with the kids books last week. We love it!

Catherine's Dijon Dressing Salad.

Creamy Mac and Cheese.

Garin, proud of his pasta masterpiece.

Miles and Graham getting supplies for their muffins.

Baking together. So sweet.

Garin making Elephant toothpaste (an experiement he found on the internet) for his adoring audience.

I guess it was a success, or from my point of view, a mess.

Graham and Miles' Strawberry Explosion Muffins or more aptly, Stawberry Shortbread with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Miles' bedazzled Father's Day card.

Graham's trio - a paperweight, a bookmark and a sweet card with one of his typicaly thougtful messages inside.

Catherine's adorable and loving card with a hand-painted paperweight enclosed.

Garin's marvel of a sketch with a an equally loving message.

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