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Everything is Coming up Pink Roses! Coronavirus Update - Day 127 and Counting....

Our Flawless floribunda roses arrived yesterday. I walked out and saw them in the driveway in the morning and was overjoyed.

Our array of pink tea roses arrived this morning. Catherine and I were out there carefully inventorying them to make sure all our carefully procured choices had arrived. They had indeed and we couldn't be more pleased with our final choices.

Miles was out in the garden, much of the day engaging in hard labor. He dug holes and was of great help (or so he thought) to the guys working out in the summer heat. He was busy and happy, which is all that mattered to me.

Checkout Miles the he-man digging the day away.

He was outside and undeterred by the in 85 degree temperatures.

I found this selfie of Catherine on my phone tonight as I downloaded my photos. She took it this morning, along with all the close-ups of our new pink roses below.

All Dressed Up

Tournament of Roses

Beverly Eleganza

The kids enjoyed an outdoor break on the swings and watched the guys as they worked on the garden. Miles and Catherine, especially, can't get enough of watching the garden progress everyday. They are endlessly fascinated by the process and "helping out."

Coming in from the garden for a little afternoon refreshment.

Part II of Fitzy's dog training class. He liked the treats better than the training.

The kids are building this city out of Magna-tiles and Citiblocks. It is currently under construction, I have been advised. I love that they are doing it together and fairly cooperatively.

Dinner: Spaghetti with Shrimp and a Dill Cream Sauce. So delicious! Served with a salad and warm and crusty wheat bead.

Dessert:: Chocolate Malt Shakes with Whipped Cream and Cherries.

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