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Dog days of summer and a Perfectly Rosy Outing! Coronavirus Update - Day 122 and Counting...

We found a COVID-friendly outing to go on this morning. We headed to Otto and Sons Nursery in Fillmore. They have been in business for 43 years and are one of the premier rose specialists in Southern California.

The forecast for the day was 100-plus temperatures, so we headed there early. We arrived around 9:15 and it was already 85.

The kids have been so involved in the landscape project, since they helped so much, that they were actually excited to go rose shopping with me.

Graham and Miles found a gravel pile. Boys can never resist a gravel pile.

The name was befitting. As pink roses go, these were truly flawless. I was on a mission to check out every shade and type of pink rose they had.

I was salivating over these stunners!

We headed to the Rose Garden as well, that reminded me of a scaled-down version of the one they have at the Natural History Museum.

The Rose Garden was comprised of many of the roses they sell, but planted and in a natural setting so you could see how they look in a garden. It was stunning!

Look at these gorgeous Floribunda variety called, "Sexy Rexy". I could look at roses and their fabulous names, all day.

These were a grandiflora variety called "Fame!"

The name of these says it all.

There is Garin enjoying the rose garden. We couldn't really enjoy the fragrances of the roses because of having to wer masks, but their beauty well made up for it.

Of course I will have to have these in in my garden given how smitten I am with The Queen.

Miles and Graham sitting in the Rose Garden just enjoying the blooms.

These hybrid teas were called "Voluptuous" and were they ever.

This was the hand washing station on the way out. It was so sweet. The bowl of the sink was a terra cotta pot and they had the prettiest porcelain bottles of scented hand soaps out, to wash your hands.

Look at the size of this tree stump we came across as we were leaving.

Fillmore is a huge growing area, so we enjoyed seeing all the orchards with citrus trees and all kinds of other interesting finds.

This was the view, driving back up from the valley of orchards. The road out of Grimes Canyon is very steep and winding with wonderful vistas, like this one.

There are stunning rock formations in Grimes Canyon, like this one. Passersby etch their names and drawings on the rocks.

Look at this peacock that someone painstakingly etched.

We topped 100 in Hidden Hills this afternoon, as I predicted. We didn't head out to the pool to go swimming until about 7, when the temperature had cooled off to a mere 95.

Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Stir Fry. Yummy! This dinner was really easy and COVID-friendly (ingredients you can have in the house) so I'll be sure to post this for my blog subscribers in the coming weeks.

Asian Rice with Scallions and Sesame Seeds. Simple and a perfect compliment to the noodle stir fry. I'll include this recipe as well.

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