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Certainly not the day we Planned, but I Can't Complain. Coronavirus Update - Day 95 and Counting..

Ten months ago, I booked our Summer 2020 summer trip. After our first successful (not to be mistaken with easy) family vacation last summer to Hawaii, I figured if we were going try for a second time, I wouldn't re-invent the wheel. We would fly on the same Sunday as we did last summer (the first one after school got out). to the island (Hawaii), on the same airline (American) at the same time (7:00 AM) and stay in the same location (our friend Larry's wonderful condo). We were supposed to depart this morning. 

Like so many other families who have had to cancel much-anticipated travel plans, we felt sad. I felt sadder a month ago when I received a call from American Airlines letting me know that both our flights were canceled because they were not allowing anyone to travel to the Hawaiian Islands, due to COVID-19. It's not like I had much hope that we could go, but I was in the same denial about the trip being canceled that most of us are in about most everything. Maybe the kids will go back to school after two weeks, in late March. Maybe we won't still be in quarantine by mid-April, for Garin's birthday. Maybe the kids will be able to go to camp this summer. Maybe the kids will go back to school this fall (I am still telling myself that one). 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, last summer was our first real trip as a family. We went on a plane, we stayed for a long time (10 days) and it felt official. It also felt like we were finally entering into the next phase of our lives. I had spent so many years with so many babies and tiny children, that travel was out of the question, as a single parent. Our trip last summer was our test case to see how we did. If we managed, my thought was that each year it could only get easier as the children got older. Then came the coronavirus. No school, no socializing, and certainly no trips. 

In the scheme of things, this is a really small problem and I am fully aware of that. If someone asked me if I would rather be able to take a vacation or send my kids back to school that would be a no-brainer. Not to mention, that in the three-plus months since this epidemic descended on us, my immediate family has been spared and for that there are are no words to express my gratitude. 

So today, when we should have been on a plane to Hawaii, we were home instead. The universe was especially kind to me, I must say. The weather was as beautiful and perfect as it gets. We spent the morning watching the incredible dove couple, outside our kitchen window, continuing to make their nest. I made the kids a yummy breakfast which elevated everyone's spirits. We spent the rest of the day outside by the pool enjoying the glorious day. The kids argued far less than usual and I hardly did a single chore, except making meals and cleaning up afterward. I even finished the entire Sunday New York Times.

Not Hawaii, but I can't complain. 

Breakfast: Fried Eggs, Hash Browns, Creamy Grits and Fresh Watermelon.

A little after breakfast popcorn magic trick as taught to Graham by Mrs. Stevenson.

The husband dove working on the nest.

Flying off to get some more sticks for the nest. Catherine got this great shot!

Garin and Miles watching all the dove nest building action out the kitchen window this morning.

Miles seeing if he could get a better glimpse of the doves.

An absolutely perfect day. If only it would stay this cool!

The water guns were out today.

The doughnuts as well.

Miles and Catherine actually went swimming (at least for part of the day) in their PJs. Is there a way to outlaw PJs?!

The pool party moves outside the pool.

Catherine napping on the inner tube.

Miles hamming it up for the camera in his fountain pony tail.

Dinner: Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage, New Potatoes and Sweet Corn Soup. Jalapeno Cheese Bread on the side.

Miles making his own ice cream sundae for dessert.

Graham joined Fitzy and me for our after dinner walk tonight. We walked down to his school, which we rarely see anymore, for a visit. He was quite choked up at the sight.

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Jun 15, 2020

Yes, he is quite the dutiful husband, I must say. I don't have one myself, but I wish I could borrow him to help me out. He is the only parent I have seen work harder than I do! And he is so handsome! Too bad about not being able to outlaw the PJ's. Wishful thinking on my part, just like all the other wishful thinking I engage in lately. I do hope it is a good summer. We are working on a plan, but so far have made little progress. It's a bit daunting to plan 70 days of activities for four kids!


Awwwww....the sight of the husband dove doing his duty just dazzled me! And you just can't outlaw pj's, according to Enico. It's going to be that kind of summer, one for the books. I'll bet all four of the kids will remember this summer fondly. It might be a good idea to do a follow up, say a year from now?

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