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Can Someone Tell me if Anyone gets Dressed Anymore? Coronavirus Update - Day 65 and Counting....

Does anyone at your house get dressed anymore? Does anyone brush their teeth, their hair or bath? What is going on? Two months ago, when we started quarantine, I would classify us as still being quite civilized. However, lately, things seem to be going downhill, fast. I think my kids bath every other night, but that is not entirely clear. They are supposed to brush their teeth twice-a-day, but it is also not clear if that happens. They are also supposed to get dressed every day and that is clear - they do not, or at least not all of them. Miles fights me every day and wants to stay in his pajamas (or just his tightie-whities), no matter what is planned for the day, including gardening. Catherine instituted the Jimmy Kimmel policy of only getting dressed from the waist up. The premise is that if no one sees you, except from the waist up, on Zoom or on television, why bother putting on pants? Garin does seem to get dressed every day, but never brushes his hair. Graham gets dressed, in a fashionable outfit, brushes his hair and his teeth twice daily. At the risk of making my other children look like heathens (or your children, for that matter), I will not say any more about my one nearly-perfect child. In order to coax Miles into getting dressed today, I brought him clothes from his room and then threatened him with starvation. He eventually gave in and got dressed, with great opposition. He never brushes his hair, however, but I'll take one out of two as a win. Catherine eventually put on a pair of shorts today, but that was long after her zoom meeting. It was thoughtful of her, nonetheless. My observation is that it is getting more difficult for people to be civilized, the longer we are isolated from the rest of civilization. Basic sociology would dictate that one of the main reasons people are civilized at all is due to a healthy dose of peer pressure, which has gone out the window with COVID 19. So in the absence of peer pressure, one can only wonder what civilization will look like when this is all over? Will everyone have disposed of their nice clothes because they had no use for them anymore and/or the clothes went out of fashion? Will toothbrushes even exist since everyone's teeth will have fallen out due to a lack of dental care? Will no one take showers anymore because they no longer deem them to be necessary? Will everyone have dreadlocks because they stopped taking showers and brushing their hair? It's not implausible, I would argue. Forget about social distancing and wearing face masks once we are allowed back out in the world. People aren't going to want to be around each other for so many other reasons than the fear of contracting COVID 19. See the photos below for evidence.

Miles' wake-up do.

Miles and Catherine at breakfast.

Catherine ready to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live, sans pants.

Miles in his turkey-on-the-butt underwear, awaiting his Zoom meeting.

Garin dressed, but hair is amiss.

Graham looking picture-perfect, everyday.

Dinner: Greek Chicken Pita Sandwiches with Greek Roasted Cauliflower. A perfect warm weather meal to enjoy alfresco.

Recipe will be provided to all subscribers!

Enjoying the beautiful warm evening.

Not wanting to venture out in his tightie-whities, Miles eventually got dressed.

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