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Back From Sabbatical a Kinder, Gentler Teacher. Coronavirus Update - Day 57 and Counting...

I was back in the kitchen/family room/classroom for most of the day today, but it was okay. I found that after my two-day sabbatical, which I used to get some big projects done, I was at peace with going back to my teaching job.

I had a lots of work to do on my website, so it worked out well for us to be together in the quarantine room inside the quarantine house. I noticed that I was more patient with the trials and tribulations of homeschooling, having taken a few days off to get my things done. 

I made the usual big breakfast but was also back on cafeteria duty today for lunch. I could tell how much more excited the kids were about my lunch than they were about their DIY lunch yesterday. Realistically, I will have to split my time between my projects and being the teacher 50/50. Well, maybe not. I think that maybe too optimistic. A 70/50 split (teacher/normal mother), is probably more realistic. 

Today was rather uneventful, as quarantine days go. We all seemed to get through our respective responsibilities, except for Miles who missed his Zoom meeting. I was distracted and didn't remember until two hours later. Bad Mommy Teacher! He was still in his PJ's at 2, so it might have been for the best. Things are on thin ice with Aria, his fiancee, and she might not have taken kindly to him showing up at 11:15 in the morning to a Zoom meeting, with that just-rolled-out-of-bed-look. 

My favorite parts of the day were a few simple conversations I had with the kids. The first one, was with Miles. It went like this:

Miles: Mommy I will miss you.

Mommy: Where are you going Miles? 

 Miles:  Strawberry Fields Forever. 

That made me smile. 

Later, as I was cooking dinner and the other kids were outside playing, Graham stayed inside with me to help. We had a very Graham-like conversation and here is how that went: 

Graham: Have you noticed that COVID 19 has affected your dreams Mommy? 

Mommy: A little. I often don't remember my dreams, but I do recall a few that had to do with the virus. What have you?

Graham: Yes it has. My dreams are now often about robbers and other kinds of evil villains. They are usually villains from my books. But strangely enough, this week COVID 19 gave me extra pleasant dreams, which is odd. I dreamed I was in my future office writing books. I got to go into my books and experience what they are going to be like. They are a lot like Harry Potter. I dreamed I wrote another Harry Potter book for the series.

If anyone could write another Harry Potter book for the series, it would probably be Graham. I asked him to check with JK Rowling to see if she might be open to the idea. He said he would give that some thought.

It was a glorious evening for an after-dinner walk. On our way home, we had some more funny kid conversations. Miles said he wanted to get a pet of his own, preferably a horse or a bird. After he gave that some thought he settled on the bird and said he is going to name it "Mister Mister." Graham said he too wanted a pet of his own - a girl pug to have babies with Fitzy. I tried to explain that Fitzy is neutered, which was a bit perplexing for both of us. Graham's response:  So does that mean he can't be a sperm donor? Never mind, Fitzy can just be our dad.  

I agreed that Fitzy would be a great dad and we made our way home, enjoying the last moments of sunlight as we walked.

Dinner tonight: Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Sauce; Mashed Cauliflower with Sour Cream and Chives; Baby Green Pea and Basmati Rice Pilaf with Parsley and Scallions.

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