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An Ever-Growing Mother-Daughter Bond Over Roses. Coronavirus Update - Day 136 and Counting...

With a second area in our rose garden to tackle, we headed back to Otto and Sons Nursery today, otherwise known as Rose Paradise. It was a perfect 75-degree day, with a gentle breeze and not a cloud in the sky. An ideal day to go rose shopping. 

Catherine and I could have stayed there all day. Graham and Miles were good sports - exited to be there at first, but then their enthusiasm waned. But they never complained, which was sweet of them. Garin complained the entire time (It's too hot. I'm bored. How many more roses do we have to look at?...). He was a real killjoy for Catherine and me, as we were in our element. At one point, we lost him for about 20 minutes, which was a huge relief. I still don't know where he was for those 20 minutes, but Catherine and I were relieved to be with our roses in peace (not to worry though, he was safe, as we were one of only a few customers there). He probably wandered over to the formal rose garden to take a gander or found some sign he wanted to read about the disease resistance of the various species. 

Our goal today was to pick more pink roses and also to complete our due diligence on yellow roses, which we will need soon. We studied all our choices carefully, which just drove Garin even more crazy. We also fawned over the ones we just planted in our garden recently, as a sort of pat on the back for a job well done.  Oh, look, there are our Flawless roses, aren't they gorgeous? Oh my gosh, look at the Queen Elizabeth's, aren't you glad we chose those?  

We needed to choose ten more pink bushes today. We put 13 on our carts and then found a nice shady place, under a huge tree, to lay them out and decide which were to be the finalists. In the end, we were well-pleased with our choices: Gentle Hermione, Rina Hugo, Pink Flamingo, Painted Porcelain, Bewitched, Elizabeth Taylor, Big Momma, Wedding Bells, All my Loving, and Savanah Sunbelt.

Miraculously, they were able to fit them all in our car. I thought for sure I would have to make two trips, so we were relieved. We drove home and then took them out, carefully, from the car. One-by-one, we took them to their new home, in our backyard. We gave each one an ample drink of water, just to make sure they were happy and then spent the rest of the afternoon admiring them. They will be planted in a bed near the pool. Catherine aptly pointed out now perfect that will be since we will be able to enjoy them while we are swimming. I had never thought of that. 

Why are roses so beautiful? So they will be loved. Catherine thought of that last week. I am not sure if she was the first to think of it, but I think it is a lovely sentimental. I love roses and I have enjoyed the chance to bond with Catherine over our shared admiration for this beautiful flower. I have the feeling that we will be bonding over roses for many years to come. 

We arrived at Otto and Sons around 10:30. Garin was grumpy from the second we stepped out of the car.

Mies and Garin studying the bees.

Catherine, my rose expert, taking notes as we studied the roses.

Graham helping to push one of our carts to check out.

All packed up and ready to go.

Our ride home sure smelled pretty.

The crew each found their own creative way to help unload the rose bushes. Garin used a baby shopping cart.

Miles used his good old-fashioned wheel barrel.

Miles rocked his swimming lesson again. Daniel was so proud of him. He never tires nor complains, Ever the affable boy.

A refreshing dip in the pool after a long day of rose shopping and schlepping.

My bathing beauty posing with our new roses.

Dinner: Penne Pasta with Sautéed Mushrooms, Crispy Turkey Bacon, Fresh Spinach and Sweet Summer Basil.

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