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An Ambling Sunday, in Photos. Coronavirus Update - Day 109 and Counting...

The entire gang joined me on my morning walk this morning. Not my usual solitary recharging time, but they enjoyed getting out. Lots of differing opinions (also known as bickering) on length of walk, direction to take, etc. It was a good reminder of why I take morning walks alone.

Catherine enjoying "Tommy" and "Zigi." These two special horses are inseparable and so precious.

Graham on Fitzy duty this morning.

Garin helping MIles with his bike. It's hard to believe that used to be Garin's bike!

Catherine and Graham rode for two hours straight until they were out of breath and wet with sweat. There will be some sound sleepers here tonight.

Graham's Bike Repair Depot. He removed Miles training wheels and checked everyone's tires for air pressure. I love having not one, but two handy sons!

Our newest aspiring basket ball player.

He''s got good form. He just needs to grow a few inches to make the shot.

I have nightmares about Magna-Tiles. We can't go one day without them all over the house. Miles proudly shot this photo of his own Magna-Tile disaster.

Miles trying to drown out Garin's crying in the background (over a Scrabble game that went awry). Thank goodness there is not a shot of me trying to drown both of them out.

Getting back on track with the Scrabble game, minus one player. We were a tad bit relieved since at least we had a chance of winning without Garin in the game.

Catherine came in second, which she was happy about.

Graham came in third. Always a good sport.

At least twenty degrees cooler than the average summer evening here. Of course, I was thrilled!

Miles looking longingly at dinner on the stove.

Dinner for a unseasonably cool summer evening: Turkey Meatball, Acini di Pepe Pasta, and Vegetable Soup.

Buttered Pain Rustique Bread warm out of the oven.

Catherine and I enjoyed our nightly Mommy/Daughter walk after dinner.

Miles and Garin discussing the biology of the Five Senses and Particle Physics in the bath. Who said bath time couldn't be an educational experience?

Seven years apart, yet they share an unexpected and very sweet bond.

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