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A Guest Post: Norwegian Wood, by Garin. Coronavirus Update - Day 140 and Counting...

Hi. I wrote the title by the way and tried to stick to the title name tradition. So anyway it's Garin, and today I am going to talk about Norwegian Wood, by The Beatles. I will talk about the Norwegian Wood background and my experience playing it.

Norwegian Wood was released in 1965 on the Rubber Soul album. It is also known as This Bird has Flown. It is a story of a man who gets invited to a girl's house. When she wouldn't let him get in bed, he sleeps in the tub. When she leaves in the morning, he sets the place on fire.

This song has very few lyrics and is very pretty. I was surprised as I was researching the song today to find out the man in the story sets the place on fire. I had always assumed that he had lit a fire in the fireplace. One more fun fact: Norwegian Wood is a fake wood used to make cheap furniture. Paul suggested this name to Johh because he got inspired by the Norwegian Wood in the Asher household, where he was living. 

This is the second song I learned in my Beatles book. I had a pretty easy time with it. Within a month or so of practice, I had it memorized. I have kept it in my musical repertoire. It got a bit rusty during Quarantine, but I was able to fix it up and play it for you. So here it is:

I hope you liked today's post. If you liked today's post and you want to hear more from me, ever so often, just "like" this post.



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