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Winter Holiday Break. Day 6 and Counting. Marvel, Menchies and Lots and Lots of Rain.

After two days of playing hooky, it was time to pay the piper again today, at least for part of the day. I skipped my morning walk due to the heavy rain and went directly from bed to my desk without passing go, collecting two hundred dollars, getting dressed or even having my morning tea or breakfast. I was on a mission to get my work done so we could enjoy our day.

While I worked Garin and Catherine spearheaded the breakfast efforts, at my request. Garin made homemade waffles with the mini waffle maker he got as a white elephant gift at his school holiday party a few weeks ago. Catherine made the fruit salad and scrambled eggs with some help from me. While Garin and Catherine cooked away, Graham laid in bed, reading his book and Miles just sat at the island watching and waiting for his breakfast to be served. I volleyed back and forth between my desk and the kitchen, trying to put out the little fires (those would be arguments, not kitchen fires, to clarify). Eventually, breakfast was served and everyone seemed a little calmer after that.

We headed out around noon in the heavy rain for our afternoon of fun. The movie choice for this afternoon was between Sing (which didn't do as well on Rotten Tomatoes) and Spiderman - No Way Home. Marvel won out, once again. Garin loves Marvel movies and the other kids are growing to appreciate them, despite they may not exactly be age appropriate for the younger three. I am not a huge fan of the predicable formula nor of the action, adventure, fantasy/sci-fi genre. I make an exception for Deadpool however, strictly because I am not so secretly in love with Ryan Reynolds. But today was about the kids, so Marvel it was.

At nearly three hours, including the trailers, it was a long haul (especially without Ryan to feast my eyes upon). I only nodded off for about 5 minutes (I think) during one of the painfully long action scenes. Not too bad. Tom Holland isn't a bad substitute for Ryan and the reappearance of the two previous spidermen (Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire) felt a bit nostalgic. Jamie Foxx and Willem Dafoe were a nice addition as well. As Marvel movies go, it was fairly enjoyable (I am not sure that review will earn me a spot as a contributor on Rotten Tomatoes, but so it goes). The kids had a great time which made sitting through all those over-the-top action scenes worth it.

After the movie we headed next door to Menchies to some get some frozen yogurt. It was a bit of odd choice for a cold and rainy day, but that's what Garin requested, so frozen yogurt it was.

After I dropped the kids off at gymnastics and made a run to Trader Joes for some last minute Christmas provisions, we headed home in the pouring rain. We dined on warm bowls of Chicken noodle soup, crusty bread with butter, and then watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Another great staycation day!

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