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Winter Holiday Break. Day 13 and Counting. A Quiet day of Rain, Gingerbread People and a British pug

Lest you think we are up and at 'em everyday at the crack of dawn, out of the house and off to some exciting destination, that was not the case today. After quite a late night last night (and an even later night for me writing my blog post well past the hour where my brain was functioning anymore), we needed a quiet day.

For those of you who read yesterday's blog (which was posted in the wee hours this morning), your eyes were not deceiving you when you spotted countless grammatical errors. Garin read it late this morning and suggested I check it over. I was horrified at all my errors. That should teach me never to stay up that late writing a post. Rest assured, I played editor this morning and cleaned up all my careless errors, or at least most of them, hopefully. I digress.

Back to our day today. We all woke up fairly late after our late night of binge Beatle watching. Before I knew it I had four kids in my room this morning cuddling, playing furry ball and doing a Beatles cover concert. We didn't get up and officially start our day until nearly 11. Oh my!

The kids seemed to enjoy lounging and didn't partake in too much roughhousing as it goes, which is almost always a result of too much unstructured time at home. I did some work while they decorated gingerbread cookies, played a bit and watched the rain coming down outside. Just watching the rain come down all day was a beautiful sight. We have learned not to take such splendor for granted given the dreadful drought we have been in for so many years. Both the rain and much-needed relaxation were lovely.

My day started with this impromptu concert of Get Back and a game of furry ball in my room. There's nothing like getting your day off to a cheerful start:

After the fun and games in my room, Garin and Miles joined forces to build this hanging animal contraption (see top right photo). I was pleasantly surprised to find them working so well together, as this is not a common occurrence. It warmed my heart.

The kids stayed in their PJs fairly late into the day and worked on their gingerbread people. This was a gift from our neighbors and a perfect activity to take up a few hours on a rainy day at home.

The finished product! There were only three, so Graham and Miles worked together on a cookie. I was especially proud of all the good teamwork today.

After gymnastics and Parkour late this afternoon, we headed home, put away all ten or so bags of groceries I had purchased at Trader Joe's while they were in class, and then sat down to a scrumptious Mediterranean dinner including Greek salad; Falafel sandwiches with tzatziki, stuffed grape leaves; and Greek chickpeas with parsley and cumin.

Dessert anyone? Just a few limbs and parts of heads missing after the kids tore into their gingerbread people.

After dinner, we watched this adorable British movie, Patrick, about a pug and his befuddled owner. It was a Christmas gift from our wonderful British housekeeper, Kirk. If you like pugs or even dogs, we highly recommend it. A rom-com with a pug in the mix, as a twist.

Graham in bed tonight embarking on a new genre of books, The Classics. Very exciting!

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