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Winter Holiday Break. Day 12 and Counting. Westside Story & Get Back. Lots of Rain and Great Music.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

We had tickets to go to LACMA (Los Angeles Country Museum of Art) today. However, when I went to check how long it would take to get there this morning, on the Waze App on my phone, it said the museum was closed today and every Wednesday, for that matter. So how is it that the website could have allowed us to purchase tickets for a day that the museum is closed? Stay tuned for the answer to that mystery. Since the museum was closed today we didn't get a response to our email with exactly that question, but hopefully tomorrow we'll get to the bottom of the mystery.

The biggest problem was that our entire day was thrown off this morning, due to this museum snafu. We had been so excited for our outing to LACMA, which we planned over a week ago. Instead, I had to think on my feet and come up with a new plan, quickly. It was forecasted to rain (hard) for most of the day, so that ruled out anything outdoors. I contemplated driving the kids up to the snow, somewhere, but after five-plus calls to Pep Boys, AutoZone, O'reilly, Walmart, and one more place I can't recall, I gave up. All the stores were out of stock on snow chains for my car, so a trip to the snow was out of the question. Where did that leave us? Perhaps another movie?

There were not a lot of choices on that front either, that we could agree upon at least. Either the rating on the movie was wrong, someone was objecting to the suggestion (that would be me objecting to Sing 2) or it wasn't playing at the right time. Finally, reluctantly, we all agreed to Westside Story. We weren't reluctant because the movie had poor reviews ( it received 94% on Rotten Tomatoes). In fact, reviews are my hang up more than anyone else's. The reluctancy came from the fact I am not a huge musical fan. Also the movie is very long (2;36 hours) and I thought the kids might get bored or restless. However, I wasn't going to sit home all day with four rambunctious kids, trapped in the house because of the rain, so Westside Story it was.

Ironically, it was I who grew bored and restless, rather than the. kids. They quite enjoyed it. I felt so guilty as we sat there for close to three hours, figuring they were suffering as much as I was. Why do you come to these movies when you know you don't like musicals? Why didn't you just stay home and find something we could have all watched together on one of the many streaming services you subscribe to? Maybe I'll just take a little nap during this next musical number to pass the time. Check your phone and see how long until this is over. You better start planning your apology speech to the kids for the walk back to the car because they are going to be so mad you dragged them to this. Those were just a few of the thoughts I had swirling through my head as I endured this movie.

So you can imagine my shock as we walked to the car and I listened as they discussed the different ways in which they liked the movie. At least that was a relief! I may have had to suffer through it myself, but at least I didn't' have to have Mommy Guilt that I made them suffer as well.

We made the short drive home in the pouring rain and had a late lunch once we arrived back. I worked at my desk for a few hours, quite begrudgingly, while they rough-housed in the family room quite loudly, within ear shot. I yelled a few idle threats at them that if they didn't pipe down they would have to take their roughhousing outside. Then I quickly realized how idle those threats were given that it was pouring rain.

Once I finished my work, we had dinner and watched the last segment of Get Back, the Beatles documentary, directed by Peter Jackson. We have been addicted to it since we first started watching it over the Thanksgiving Break but had not been able to find the time to finish it up. It is close to 8 hours long after all! But tonight was the night and boy did we have fun watching it. We were glued to the TV. I didn't feel like nodding off once, nor have any similar thoughts swirling through my head as I did during the movie earlier today. What can I say? I am a rock and roll girl at heart. Sorry to all the musical fans out there, but try as I may, they are just not my cup of tea.

Westside Story. At least we supported Steven Spielberg (whom I heard was crushed due the simultaneous release of Spider Man) as well as the movie theatre, who are also getting crushed by Omicron. We all wore our N95 masks and practically had the entire luxurious theatre to ourselves since we attended the 11 AM showing.

The kids enjoyed the hot cocoa bombs tonight after dinner, sent to them by Tessa. It was a perfect cold and rainy night to have hot cocoa.

Miles was glued to The Beatles rooftop concert.

The other kids were as well. They look on at the concert, as do the The Beatles, hanging in framed photos above their heads

The concert was fantastic. For a house full of Beatles fanatics, this was nirvana.

Miles and Mommy share a late night cuddle in front of the Christmas tree before I put him to bed.

Right before falling asleep (in my bed), Catherine announced that at last, she had lost that pesky loose tooth.

It's been a long day. And finally, some sleep for me.....

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