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Winter Holiday Break. Day 10 and Counting. Jewels and Jane - The Staycation is Back on!

We were back in action today, continuing on with our staycation. After yesterday's fairly dismal day, which felt like some sort of penance for enjoying Christmas, it was a welcome change to get out of the house.

Heavy rain was predicted today, which is great for our drought, but bad for long commutes. Fortunately, we only got the brunt of it coming home.

So what was on today's docket you may be asking? The Los Angeles Country Museum of Natural History! Specifically we were going to see Becoming Jane: The Evolution of Dr. Jane Goodall and Brilliance: The art and Science of Rare Jewels. Both are limited time exhibitions at the museum which we were really excited to see.

The kids and I have watched the recent documentary on Jane Goodall, simply titled Jane, which we loved. She is a marvel and an inspiration to people of all ages. She shared the same birthday as my mom, April 3rd, only Jane is one year older than my mom would be if she was still with us.

Jane is fearless, determined, optimistic and so very smart. She is truly a marvel. The exhibit was filled with mementos from her life (including her favorite dolls and stuffed animals she had as a child dating back 87 years!), letters she wrote by hand to everyone in her life, all her field journals from her time in Tanzania, and so much more. The exhibit was also filled with wonderfully interactive exhibits for the children to enjoy, while teaching them about her life and the incredible work she has done on behalf of the chimpanzees.

Brilliance, the rare jewels exhibit, was pure joy for me. I love jewelry and I mean really love jewelry. When we were in New York in the early summer, I so enjoyed the rare jewels show they had the American Museum of Natural History, that I was looking forward to seeing this one as well. Although not as over-the-top as the one in New York, we were able to feast our eyes on some incredible and extremely rare jewels. I could only dream of how they might look on me, should I ever win the largest lottery in history or become a highly skilled jewel thief. Since neither of those scenarios is likely, I was left to simply dream.

I love to see how excited the kids get about something they know has special meaning to me, such as Ceylon sapphires or Cabochon emeralds. I am not sure how much they enjoy looking at 103 carat rare diamonds, but they know that I do and seem to be excited for me. It is so very sweet.

We enjoyed our day at the museum and were glad to be indoors as we gazed out the windows at the very much needed pouring rain.

We made a few a videos from our time at the museum for your viewing pleasure:

There was also one of Miles parading around the house in various pairs of Catherine's pink girly underwear after his bath this evening, but we thought it best not to post that on this blog.

Quote of the day.

After I kissed Miles goodnight:

"Mommy why is kissing a thing? Who even invented it?"

"I don't know, Miles. But I'll look into it and get back to you. Goodnight, my love."

"Okay. Goodnight Mommy."

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