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While Kim K was Living it up, "Live From New York...," we Celebrated in Hidden Hills, Without her.

Did any of you tune in to see Kim Kardashian-West on SNL a few weekends ago? Seeing as she is a neighbor, and therefore a potential future friend (you never know), I felt I should support her by watching the show. I thought she did pretty well, honestly. I wasn't sure what to expect, but given she has no formal training as an actress, I thought she held her own. It can't be easy performing live when your only experience is on television and consists of a camera crew in your kitchen filming while you argue with your family about whether to spend $50,000 on your Easter Sunday festivities, or the cameras are rolling as you head to Petco in your $400,000 (or more) Rolls Royce SUV to pick up a new hamster for your daughter. Since that's the only episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians I ever watched, that's my only point of reference. Kim didn't want her daughter to know that the guinea pig had died while she was at school, so she went out in search of his clone to cover her tracks. It was rather entertaining. I digress.

While Mrs. Kardashian-West (soon to be Ms. Kardashian again, I presume) was living it up in the Big Apple (in that hot pink crushed velvet form-fitting bodysuit), the rest of us were left here to fend for ourselves, without her. As it happened., it was the annual fiesta that weekend, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Hidden Hills. I was pondering how onerous it must have been for her to make that weighty decision. Host SNL or remain at home in Hidden Hills and attend the fiesta? It must have felt like Sophie's Choice.

Although sister Khloe and mom Kris too made the difficult decision to forsake our close-knit community celebration to appear on SNL, we had a few Kardashian sightings over the weekend nonetheless, which kept our down-home celebration interesting.

Please join us (in photos and videos) for the annual Hidden Hills Fiesta!

The Fiesta always begins early Saturday morning. We enjoyed our morning walk down to the parade while visiting some of our favorite horses en route, Tommy Haflinger and Ziggy the Mini.

The parade is always a big deal. Local high school marching bands, firetrucks, mounted sheriffs and even appearances by congressman Brad Sherman and sheriff Alex Villanueva. And lots and lots and lots of candy thrown to kids. Who needs Halloween anyway?

Even Fitzy got his rightful place in the parade.

And Garin too as he rode on his friend Owen's Dodger "float."

Directly following the parade was the chili cook-off, In and Out lunch trucks, and the pet costume contest. On Saturday evening was the carnival with rides, cotton candy, arcade games and a down-home BBQ dinner. None are pictured here since I was apparently too hot, tired or lazy to photograph them.

On Sunday morning, there was a pancake breakfast and petting zoo for the kids.

On Sunday evening the fiesta wrapped up with an antique car show and dinner. All the cars, which were magnificent, were owed by residents of Hidden Hills. We decided that our favorite was this cherry red Cadillac Coupe Deville, circa the mid 1960's.

All I can say is, wow! I can't help but wonder if she had opted for the Hidden Hills Fiesta rather than hosting SNL, if she might have come to the Sunday morning pancake breakfast and petting zoo in that crushed velvet catsuit? That certainly would have made my weekend!

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