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What Ever Shall we do When the Garden is Done? Coronavirus Update - Day 148 and Counting...

The landscapers were back today to do some more planting - Society Garlic, Hydrangeas and Petite Pink Dwarf Oleanders. Catherine and Miles were in heaven. They see the truck drive up and out they go. They forgo snacks, camp classes, and anything else on the docket for the day, to spend it out in the garden with Jim and his guys.

Today, Catherine was hardcore. She was shoveling mounds of mulch out of the truck, taking multiple trips back and forth with the wheelbarrow, and filling entire beds with mulch, herself! She and Miles even dug the hole and carried in a fairly large Crape Myrtle tree to be planted. It was impressive by anybody's standards.

Miles is still in the destruction phase, much to everyone's chagrin, but Catherine is genuinely helpful. She prances around the yard and follows the guys everywhere. She does heavy lifting, digging, and planting. When she is gardening, she is the metaphorical kid in the candy shop.

I hope Jim and his crew find her helpful (not so much Miles), but even if she slows them down a bit, they are sweet to let her help and feel involved. She loves being with them and seeing the fruits of her labor.

She has become so invested in our garden. We spend a lot of time discussing it and I take all her input seriously. She has good ideas and a great eye. She certainly is my right-hand girl!

Tomorrow we will venture off, just the two of us, in the morning, to our favorite haven - Otto and Sons Nursery. Yes, that is the wonderful rose, where Catherine and I fancy moving in and staying forever.

Who knows, we may not come home tomorrow. If you don't hear from me, you'll know where to look......

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