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What a Week! Coronavirus Update - Day 161 and Counting... (I Missed Day 160, My Apologies!)

Monday - Prepare for colonoscopy. I have been having them for 20 years (I am considered high risk since both my dad and grandfather had colon cancer), so you'd think I would be a pro by now, but it never gets any easier. The prep and I don't agree, so not only do I endure the usual misery that one is supposed to endure, but I struggle to keep the prep down. It never works and I always end up vomiting. What a lovely way to start the week.

Tuesday - The Big Event - The Colonoscopy. What fun that is. The prep is actually must worse, as anyone knows who has endured the torture, but you're still over it by the time the procedure arrives. I found out when I arrived that my insurance, which I pay a fortune for in premiums, didn't cover the anesthesia. I was torn about what to do, until the doctor described it this way, "If you do the twilight sleep, rather than (springing for the expensive) anesthesia, you'll be awake, aware of what is happening and most likely have discomfort, but you may not remember it." Oh great! Where can I sign up for that option? Needless to say, I broke the bank to be knocked out. I will be calling my insurance company to file a complaint! I was useless for the rest of the afternoon and evening but could ill-afford to be, since I had to prepare for the first day of school today. Most importantly, my procedure, so in the end, I feel nothing but gratitude to have it over with good results.

Wednesday - First day of "Back to Distance Learning School." More joy! There were a few nice moments, but overall it was stressful, as I expected it would be. Chaos with schedules, technology, etc. More to come on that in the coming days.

Thursday - Catherine and Graham's 8th Birthday. As if all of the above is not enough to pack into one week, tomorrow is the twins' birthday. If I could reschedule their birth, eight years ago, to next week, that might be more convenient, at least for this year. Alas, that is not possible, so I will be cramming that into tomorrow's busy school schedule. Wish me luck!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...We'll see what those bring. 

This was the sign that Catherine had ready for me when I arrived home from my procedure yesterday. It melted my heart.

This is what the first day of school looks like in the middle of a pandemic. Carpool lines to pick up supplies; meeting your teacher, who is wearing a mask and gloves, through your car window; and the school mascot trotting down the street to try to bring some school cheer to the hundreds of parents lined up in their cars awaiting their turn in triple-digit heat;

Finally back home with two weeks worth of work.

The Zooming begins. Don't even get me started!

The entire crew with their spirit-wear tee shirts on and their requisite lunchboxes. We decided to return to traditional lunchbox lunches, to streamline the process for the Cafeteria Lady (that would be me). We'll see how this new plan works out. Keep you posted!

Dinner tonight: Chicken Zucchini Meatballs With Feta Sauce compliments of the New York Times. Delicious!

There is nothing like a little after dinner action involving a tarantula in your garden! I was out doing some early evening watering since it was so hot again today when I happened upon this tarantula in my new rose bed in the front yard. I didn't scream quite as loud as I did when the King Snake showed up at our front door recently, but I screamed nonetheless. I am just fortunate, that I didn't step on it with my bare feet! Didn't I tell the kids never to go out in bare feet? It would pay to heed my own advice.

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