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We Wrap up Nuremberg on a Happier Note and Head South to our Next Burg, Regensburg.

Once I (we) made the difficult decision to carry on with our trip, rather than return home, I also decided it was best if we tried to stick with our planned itinerary, the best we could. I didn't see any other way to make things work. So despite having only a few hours of sleep on the night we learned of Fitzy's passing and feeling filled with shock and grief, I arose at 6 AM the next morning and started packing us up to move to our next destination, Regensburg.

Before leaving Nuremberg, we visited the German Railway Museum (the world's oldest museum dedicated to railways) and the Museum of Communication of Nuremberg (located in the same building). Both had been on our itinerary for that day. Here we enjoyed the lighter atmosphere at these two museums, in contrast to the previous day, which had been filled with Nazi history and the sad news of Fitzy's passing.

We were mesmerized by this maze of miniature trains running through an idyllic fictional German town.

In the communication museum, they had a collection of functional old telephones ranging in date from about 1940 to 1990. The kids had a great time calling each other, amazed by this old-fashioned technology.

After departing Nuremberg we visited the Museum for Historical Maybach Vehicles in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz. It is the first and only museum in the world to be devoted exclusively to the Maybach brand of automobiles.

We arrived in Regensburg in the early evening and checked into our lovely apartment. We were tired from the day of travel with little sleep the night before. We also had an important memorial blog to create for Fitzy so we decided to stay in for dinner. We picked up delicious pizzas from an Italian restaurant around the corner. It was a nice break from going out for German food and we were impressed by the quality of the Italian food in this somewhat small German town.

We find ourselves in the difficult position of continuing our trip while trying to both honor and grieve Fitzy. I decided it would be nice to share a photo of him at the end of each blog post while we're traveling.

This is the first photo I have of Fitzy, taken when he was just seven weeks old, a few days before Christmas in 2009. How could fourteen and a half years have flown by that quickly?

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