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We Head South on the Treacherous Autobahn to Wurzburg, to Enjoy a Taste of Franconia.

On Wednesday evening we departed Frankfurt for Wurzburg, about 120 Km southeast. But first, we had to head back to the Frankfurt airport, yet again (our third time in 24 hours), to pick up our rental car.

The drive to Wurzburg was a bit of a culture shock. Luckily I am a warrior on the road, after having survived 2700 miles of driving in Ireland and Scotland last year, which is not for the faint of heart. However, Germany has the notorious autobahn. With no speed limit in place whatsoever, you feel as though someone has dropped you at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, without any training as a racecar driver. Cars were whizzing by us doing 100 - 120 miles per hour, routinely. It was harrowing, to be sure, but I'll adjust. What choice do I have?

Our second day (first full day) in Frankfurt was a bit less chaotic, sans the lost phone saga, which allowed us to visit some sights. Despite the inclement weather we greatly enjoyed visiting the Palmgarten, a lovely and spacious garden within the city. In the afternoon, before we departed for Wurzburg, we visited the Stadel Museum, the premier art gallery in Frankfurt.

We were up early on our first morning in Wurzburg as we had many sights to see, including the Wurzburg Residence. A palace would be a more apt description. My "residence" in Hidden Hills can't hold a candle to this place.

In the afternoon and early evening, we continued to explore Wurzburg including the historic Old Main Bridge as well as the Marienburg Fortress that sits high atop the city and boasts exquisite views, especially at sunset.

Then there's the food. You can't do all this sightseeing without proper nourishment. For lunch, we ate the famous bratwurst sandwiches at the Marktplatz and they did not disappoint. In the afternoon we sampled some delicious local cheeses from Willg's Cheese and More in downtown Wurzburg. For dinner, we dined at a traditional Franconian restaurant and enjoyed such regional specialties as schnitzel with french fries and sauerbraten with spaetzle and braised red cabbage.

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