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Two Down...Three to Go!

Congratulations to us! Garin and I are both fully vaccinated against Covid. What a relief! With our upcoming East Coast trip this Friday the timing could not have worked out better.

Garin was a real trooper. He wasn't hesitant nor worried at all about receiving his vaccine. Rather he felt relieved and also expressed pride at doing his part to help to get our country back on track, by being one more person to get the vaccine.

I was so proud of him, as I was of all the other teens there getting their vaccines, en masse. It was really impressive to see all the young people doing their part.

So now we await the vaccine for the more junior members of our family. Garin and I will continue to wear masks, as California mandates, and also in support of the members of our family who are not yet vaccinated.

But I can say with great relief that I will sleep better tonight and be able to enjoy our upcoming two-week adventure to New York, Connecticut, and Boston, knowing that at least one of my children is vaccinated and as a result, a lot safer than he was just a few short weeks ago.

Congratulations Garin!

Garin wasn't the slightest bit nervous, but rather excited as he awaited his vaccine shot.

He didn't even flinch as they administered the shot.

The timing of his second shot came at a great personal sacrifice for Garin. Today would have been his last day of in-person school, had he not had to miss it. With only a few months under his belt of going to school in-person, a handful of times a month, missing his las day was really upsetting to him. However, he developed a fever, along with all the other expected symptoms from his vaccine yesterday, so he had to stay home and take it easy today. Luckily Fitzy was there to offer comfort and to raise his dampened spirits as Garin convalesced on the couch with a cozy furry blanket to stave off the chills.

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