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Treading Water, but Staying Afloat, Barely. Coronavirus Update - Day 86 and Counting....

Today was just about treading water. My goal was quite simply to get through the day. I accomplished that.

Garin and I were up until midnight last night working on assignments, mostly art. It was brutal. He was grumpy and tired. I was worse than that. We just had to keep pushing hard again today until about 3, which was the deadline for a few of his classes, for turning in late work. He didn't get it all done, but he made some significant progress. He has two more deadlines of Sunday and Monday, so it will be a working weekend. The great news it that he got at 98% on his integer exam yesterday. It was a bit difficult to feel celebratory about it given how underwater he is in all classes, but it was a small victory nonetheless.

Miles was slightly less crazy today than yesterday. We all took turns spending time with him, which helped. Catherine, Garin and I worked on as much educational stuff as he would tolerate. Graham spent hours, this afternoon (after he completed his own school work), playing all kinds of imaginary games with Miles. Graham, being the gentle and loving soul that he is, is the Miles-Whisperer.. The two of them get lost in their own world of building, animals and so much more. The tenderness between them is a joy to behold.

Catherine and Graham were both focused with their school work, as they almost always are. They can't fathom what a welcome relief their steadfastness is, especially given the stress of Garin's situation. Once done with their school work, they helped me out with household chores, entertaining Miles and even cooking dinner. Graham even made homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream for dessert for the entire family.

I was able to finally get in a shower by 1, read most of my NY Times and get a few things done at my desk. That would be considered a fairly accomplished day, by Coronavirus standards.

I received an email this evening from the superintendent of our school district, Las Virgenes. He indicated that there may be some hope that the kids will be able to return to school in late August. He hypothesized that there might be a choice of in-school or distance learning, depending on each families comfort level. They are still not sure of much at this point, but at least I saw a glimmer of hope in his email, that there could be a faint light at the end of this pitch black and never-ending tunnel we seem to be in.

I made the troops pancakes this morning. I was such a grumpy mom yesterday that the only way I could assuage my guilt was to raise a white flag in the form of Banana Pancakes, their favorite.

Our newest power tool, a garden blower, arrived from Home Depot. Miles was very excited, to say the least.

The troops testing out the blower.

Garin blowing Miles, instead of the leaves.

Catherine and Garin taking time to play some of Miles' favorite educational games with him.

Catherine working on Miles' writing skills with him. Today's lesson: "Miles," "Lieblich," and "Jana." Unfortunately, he was neither compliant nor grateful for her time and patience,

Graham building one of his Magna-tile masterpieces.

Catherine and Graham helping to prepare the potatoes for dinner. They peeled them all too!

Graham preparing the water to boil the potatoes.

Dinner: Garlic-Basil Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Riced Cauliflower and Green Peas. Not fancy, but better than breakfast cereal.

Miles preparing his own dinner.

Ta-da! A waffle (his 4th of the day, at last count), strawberries, whipped cream and a side of carrots. Fitzy sure found it enticing! Note Miles' Harry Potter scar that Graham drew on his forehead and his purse dog fountain pony tail.

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