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Tired of Being Homebound, Today we Were Beach-bound. Coronavirus Update - Day 156 and Counting...

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Today was our first day at the beach in close to a year. It's hard to imagine that we were not able to go this entire summer. With COVID-19 out of control in California and many other states, I just didn't feel comfortable venturing there with four kids.

However, after being cooped up for five months, I decided we had to make a break for it. So we packed up this morning, which takes as long as packing for an extended European vacation, fled the 100-plus-degree temperatures of the West Valley and headed to Malibu. We were there in no time and it was so worth it.

I was surprised at how crowded it was. I was used to taking the kids to the beach on weekdays (we have never gone on weekends in the past, due to crowds, parking issues, etc.). It was always so sparsely populated on any given summer weekday. But not today! With the triple digit temperatures in much of LA and everyone off work, it felt like half of LA was in Malibu.

I must say that everyone was respectful of keeping a safe distance, which I appreciated. I think everyone was just so grateful to have the beaches open and to be out of their homes, that I wasn't met with anything but kindness and consideration from my fellow beachgoers.

The kids were so grateful to be there and out of the house. They must have thanked me one hundred times while we were there, for taking them. It was really sweet.

It was glorious to be out in the open air, with the ocean breeze and for just a few hours, to feel like things were normal. I don't think I've had that feeling in a really long time.

Boys who need a haircut borrow their sister's headband while having sunscreen applied! It's a look!

Miles happily playing in the sand.

There is nothing like building sand castles when you haven't been to the beach in a year.

Breaking for a little picnic lunch.

Graham taking a little after lunch siesta.

What's better than some Gummy Lobsters when you're at the beach?

Miles digging a really big hole in the sand.

The water was gorgeous. Catherine Garin and Miles spent most of the day enjoying the waves.

What a difference a year makes. Miles was able to negotiate the water by himself today (with Mommy watching from a safe distance).


Getting dried off and packed up after a picture-perfect day at the beach.

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