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Three delicious cookie recipes - don't choose, just make them all!

We are sharing some of our favorites cookie recipes with you today. We often make all 3 varieties at the same time, because they are so different, but together, make a wonderful gift box for friends, families or even teachers. All the recipes are easy, so they are great fun to make with kids. Try them and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

We love the Thumbprints Cookies because they are buttery and have a soft texture. We usually make ours with a variety of jams, including raspberry, apricot and strawberry. These are perfect with cup of chamomile tea in the afternoon.

We love these crispy and chewy brownie cookies. We like them even better than traditional brownies because they have a better texture. We always add the chopped walnuts to ours, but you can leave them out if want.

Otherwise known as Mexican Wedding Cakes, these Polvorones are heavenly. They are delicate and light. The powdered sugar melts in your mouth and they have a delicious walnut flavor, since they have both ground and copped walnuts in them.

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