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The Writer is Taking a Break, but the Chef Never Does! Coronavirus Update - Day 143 and Counting...

Since I spent the better of the day cleaning, I figured you wouldn't want to hear about that, although SOME of you may be interested to hear about my new-found cleaning secret. If so, do read on.....

When I went to Homegoods the other day I got into an interesting conversation with the lady who was checking me out, Sylvia. We were discussing how guilty we felt about all the bags and other wasteful materials that are amassing in our homes, as a result of the pandemic. It seems that avoiding germs has taken precedence over going green.

She was wrapping up a few ceramic items for me and told me that she has been re-purposing the brown packing paper to clean her windows, of all things. I was intrigued! She said that it worked well and she felt good about recycling the paper for another use, rather than just throwing it away.

So today, when I was cleaning, I noticed how hand-print-laden some of our doors (with glass panes) looked, throughout the house. Catherine and Graham are my go-to window washers, so I approached them with the idea of trying out this new-fangled window washing technique. Of course, they were game!

We cut the paper up in smaller pieces, I gave them each a bottle of vinegar and water solution, and off they went. I am happy to report that the windows look great! And we feel good about reusing the paper that came from Homegoods. I will be sure to let Sylvia know, next time I am in. Feel free to try this technique on your windows and let me know how it goes.

Another green tip for the day is reusing all the brown bags you are getting from the stores. Instead of buying more plastic kitchen garbage bags, I have been using the brown paper grocery bags to line my trash cans. They work great and again, help to alleviate some of the guilt I am having about not being able to bring my reusable grocery bags to the store.

Thankfully, this afternoon I was able to take a break and go in the pool with the kids. I don't often do that (although I should), but after cleaning for much of the day in 98-degree heat, the pool was a welcome respite.

Miles took his floaties off and practiced his newly-learned swimming skills since I was in the pool to keep a close eye on him. I can tell how liberated he feels without his floaties and it is exciting to see his progress.

After swimming, I indulged myself in reading a few days of the newspaper I was behind on, under the shade of an umbrella, while the kids played and read as well.

Finally, I made my way in and prepared the dinner photographed below. It seemed like a perfect night for Mexican food, although I could have used a cold margarita on the side. Nonetheless, we sat on the patio, overlooking our new roses, and enjoyed our Mexican food on what turned out to be a wonderfully balmy night.

Our favorite Trader Joe's Restaurant-Style Chips with salsa and homemade guacamole.

Spinach and Cheese Enchiladas with a Mild Green Chili Sauce. I sprinkled them with chopped cilantro and served with sour cream.

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