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The Remarkable Resiliance of Children. Coronavirus Update - Day 35 and Counting....

I am always amazed at both the creativity and resilience of children. I think it has never been more clear than during this pandemic. Whether confined to the house for homeschooling or stuck inside for Spring Break, kids have a magical way of making the best of it. I think that all of us could take a page from their playbook. This afternoon, I had some work and writing to do. I needed a bit of quiet in the house. These days I feel guilty about that. I know the options for all kids are limited and they too are struggling to find their footing in all this. That said, I relied on the tried-and-true solution used by mothers since the beginning of time and said, "Children, go outside and play!" Magically, they disappeared. . Even more magically, they had an incredible time on their outdoor adventure. I sat at the kitchen table to work, so I could keep a visual on them and listened through the opened kitchen window as they invented games with paper cups, flowers and leaves. They ran through the garden and there seemed to be no end to the fun. Well, until the screaming started, that is, but that was only after a good 90-minute run. It was the oldest child, as it often is, getting frustrated that his minions were not following his carefully outlined orders. This dynamic too seems to go back to the beginning of time. I try not to intervene as much anymore unless there is bodily harm involved. I find that if I can sit out my anxiety, during some of these moments, they eventually work out their differences. Hopefully they are better off for having learned to negotiate their differences on their own. Besides, my interventions often have the opposite effect and I realize that if I had just held off a bit longer, they would have resolved it themselves. This too speaks to their resilience. Children have an innate ability to resolve conflict, forgive one another and move on. This is yet another lesson that many adults could learn from these precious beings. There are never grudges held. Other than a few short-lived moments, bitterness and resentment, don't even exist. It's a marvel to watch and as a mother something that I try to emulate daily.

Miles enjoying his morning smoothie while sunbathing in the yard in his pajamas.

Miles and Graham exploring some of the hills in our yard on a gorgeous day.

Catherine and Garin doing some negotiating during their outdoor play time.

Miles and Graham cutting baby potatoes to put in our corn chowder for dinner.

The kids visiting with Tommy the horse while out on our pre-dinner walk.

Graham, Miles and Fitzy visiting with Ziggy the Mini.

Tommy trying to chomp on Catherine's flowers she had picked on our walk.

Miles and Ziggy the Mini.

Cattherine admiring our ever-growing centerpiece of roses from our garden, that I add to daily.

Look at what I scored today. Not one, not two, but three bottles of vanilla extract from Trader Joes! I have been on the hunt for vanilla for weeks. I was so excited that I called the kids from the car to let them know. They were jumping for joy. I was out on another quick errand when I decided to make an impromptu stop at saw the unusually short line at Trader Joe's and decided to stop in. I was so glad that I did! The Lieblich Bakery is now back in business.

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17. Apr. 2020

You are so lucky with beautiful warm weather. It snowed here more last nite and Gary is out cleaning off a car in the driveway. Hope you have a productive day. Loved the beautiful pics. & catching up with you each day.

We're looking forward to the zoom birthday party for Garin. Hope we get it to work. Garin's card should arrive by today or tomorrow. Hope it's not late.



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