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The Psychedelic '70's Back by Popular Demand! 1975-1980. Coronavirus Update - Day 116 and Counting.

Me with Aunt Ilse (my dad's older sister) and our Beagle Gretchen.

Me with my sister who is all dressed up for her 6th grade graduation.

Look at these outfits! Channeling the Brady girls here. I always wanted to be Jan! I am the one in the navy skirt, navy knee socks and red sweater vest. Mom looks like one of Charlie's Angels.

Laura (my sister), Linda (my best friend) and I practicing our gymnastics at Lacy Park in San Marino. I am in the red and those are some serious bell bottoms I am wearing.

Hanging out on Mom and Dad's '70's bedspread with my doll and stuffed horse. Don't miss the rotary telephone on the nightstand.

The Lieblich Girls in Lake Tahoe. This was shortly after my disastrous Dorthy Hamill haircut. I was so traumatized that I never cut my hair short again.

Lake Tahoe, in the winter, where we had a chalet with a beautiful view of the lake.

Mom throwing a snowball, with a breathtaking view of Lake Tahoe in the background.

Mom's Dorthy Hamill cut turned out a lot better than mine. Posing here with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "Henry" and Elizabeth Barrett Browning "Elizabeth," our kittens. I am not sure who chose the fancy names.

The requisite mid-to-late '70's striped rugby shirt.

My eighth grade graduation from Immaculate Heart, an all-girls Catholic school in Hollywood.

My Freshman school portrait.

Hanging out at home with my sister and our German Shepard, "Christmas." Didn't everyone have a rust-colored couch somewhere in their house?

Cheerleader tryouts for Loyola High School, our "Brother" school.

The tryout dance was set to Knock on Wood by Amii Stewart, a classic '70's song.

I was over-the-moon when I made the 1979-1980 squad. Only a few girls were chosen, from 100 or so trying out, to round out the previous squad. Pretty exciting for a 15 year old girl! This was my first pep rally performance in front of hundreds of teenage boys. I still feel nervous at the thought of it.

Me with a few of the girls from my cheerleading squad on the front lawn at Loyola High School.

In the requisite kelly green Lacoste shirt of the late 70's - heading into the preppy 80's. It looks like I'm annoyed with Dad for wanting to take this photo.

Helping to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family. I started cooking at a really young age and have loved it ever since. Preparing the whipped sweet potatoes here.

Christmas Dance - Freshman Year.

Maui, Hawaii - 1979

High school Mother-Daughter Luncheon.

With my sister in San Marino in 1980.

With some of the girls from my second cheerleading squad at Loyola in 1980.

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