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The Gardening Family Visits our Third Garden in a Week - The LA Arboretum and Botanic Garden.

The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, 127 acres, is an arboretum, botanical garden, and historical site nestled into hills near the San Gabriel Mountains in Arcadia, California, And is it ever lovely.

We have found such refuge in visiting gardens during these trying times of COVID. Not only does it get us out of the house, but allows us to enjoy time in beautiful (safe) settings while taking in the wonder of nature in all its glory.

Yesterday, not only were we treated to an array of breathtaking plants and flowers from all over the world, many of which we had never seen before, but also the most glorious collection of peacocks I have ever seen in one place. They were an absolute marvel.

Because these birds are so well-acclimated to humans in this particular setting, we had the pleasure of watching them up close. Their beauty is beyond compare. We spent a good deal of our time at the gardens just sitting and marveling at every detail of their resplendent beauty. And to watch their rituals was truly awe-inspiring. It was nature at its finest.

When in Rome...With the plethora of Chinese restaurants to choose from in the San Gabriel Valley we just had to treat ourselves to a delicious Chinese feast after hours of walking at the gardens. It was only our second meal in a restaurant in over a year (the first was last summer when we grabbed a quick pizza at our favorite pizza joint where they had set up a tented dining area in their parking lot). We were only one of two "parties" dining inside today. so we didn't feel crowded. We were seated near the open doors with fresh air coming in and plenty of space. It was really strange to be in a restaurant after such a long time, but even more strange that it felt so strange. Oh, the tricks that COVID has played on our minds.

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