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The Corona Coif - Hair Troubles Abound! Coronavirus Update - Day 41 and Counting...

I know that many of us are having hair struggles, during this lockdown. I have seen my fair share of women out walking with skunk stripes down the middle of their heads, having gone weeks, if not months without coloring their hair. I will refrain from commenting on that because as the old saying goes. if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. I wrote about cutting my hair for the first time in my life, on a post, about a month ago. I was quite impressed with my seemingly natural talent as a hairstylist. . Then again, I have long hair, all one length, so perhaps I may have been overstating my talent, just a bit. Since then, I have moved on to being an aspiring colorist. I colored my hair once, but only with semi-permanent color, so I'm not sure that counts either, in the courage department. According to the box, semi-permanent color washes out after 3-5 washes, so even if I botched it, or picked the wrong color (a bit difficult to do when you're a blond and there is only one blond choice from L'Oreal), it would disappear after a few good washes. If we end up in quarantine for as long as some are predicting, I am going to have to get my gumption up and try the permanent stuff. Looking at the bright side, if I mess that up there is no downside since no one sees me, except for my kids, whom I presume won't notice or care. So I've tackled my cut and color, but there is still one challenge that I just can't seem to face head-on and that is cutting my three sons' hair I will admit that I am a complete chicken when it comes to trimming their lustrous locks. Pre-quarantine, I took the boys, usually bi-monthly, to Bambinos, our beloved children's hair salon. I would sit in a comfy chair perusing the latest issue of People or Us, without a care in the world. I would glance up every once in awhile to check on Donna's progress. Going to see Donna, who owns the salon, was like going to see your sweet grandma, only you walked out with the best haircut at the end of your visit. She even cut my hair! She knew each of the children and their hair so well (Graham's hair is perfect, of course; Garin has a feisty cowlick; and Miles has more hair than any one person should be allowed). . Peering over the top of my magazine, I would say to Donna, "Take a little more off the sides." or "Be careful not to shave too much off the back with the clippers." Little did I know, but soon I would be Donna, charged with styling three boys' hair, Oh why didn't I pay closer attention to her technique instead of reading some frivolous article about Bradley Cooper? That's a rhetorical question, so I am not going to answer that. Still, if someone had told me that COVID 19 was right around the corner I might have made smarter choices. But I didn't, so now I am living with the consequences - something I preach to my children daily. Not to worry, I will conquer this, as I do all the other great challenges I have faced. I will get on YouTube, like everyone else, and watch tutorials on how not to butcher your son's hair. For now, however, I am dealing with it head-on in a preferred manner, known as avoidance.

While I stay in my place of avoidance, Catherine is having a ball styling Miles' long locks.

Homeschooling Crazy Hair Day.

It only lasted until about 10 AM, when he insisted on taking it out for his preschool Zoom meeting. God forbid his girlfriend see him looking like that.

Speaking of coiffing, Fitzy got his hair done today as well.

A fun stay-at-home project with Miles and Fitzy benefited as well.

Headed out in to the sun to dry off.

All spruced up and ready for the big re-opening...whenever that happens.

This came from my friend Kim tonight. Perfect timing!

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