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The Birthday Boy's Wish? A day at the Beach! Part III

On Sunday, Garin's actual birthday, it was his wish to go the the beach. April is often early in the season to go, but the weather report looked optimistic, showing an unseasonably warm day. The report turned out to be a bit off, with strong offshore winds picking up about an hour after we arrived. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees (or so it felt), but didn't dampen any spirits (it takes a lot to ruin a beach day, after all, when you're a kid). Instead this turn of events provided for the opportunity for some kite flying - something the kids had been wanting to do for quite some time. So it all worked out well, except for my needing a warm sweater, which I neglected to bring, as I sat shivering under the umbrella waiting for everyone to be finally ready to pack up and go home.

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