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"Stupid Kona Virus. I'm going to Punch you in the Face!" Coronavirus Update - Day 40 and Counting..

From the mouth of babes. Miles and I were out for a rare Mommy/Son stroll this afternoon, enjoying the perfect Spring day. It was 75 degrees, breezy with a beautiful blue sky. For a brief time, I forgot about everything that is going on in the world. There is nothing like walking and talking with a 5-year-old, to brighten your day. The conversation started with Miles asking me a question, "How do humans get wood?" I think that question popped into his curious little mind because there is a neighbor remodeling and in the process, cutting down two enormous pine trees, sadly. I seemed to answer Miles' question to his satisfaction and my own, explaining that there are tree farms that supply our needs and that we probably wouldn't be getting any wood out of those poor doomed pines, which saddened Miles. After covering the supply chain of wood, Miles made a logical segue to Curious George. He recounted a recent episode where George travels to a sheep farm and leaves with a custom-knit scarf, made from the wool of the sheep at the farm. It sounded interesting enough, so I followed that up with the logical question of what trouble George got into while visiting the sheep farm, since getting into trouble is George's specialty. Miles replied that George " Unknitted his scarf by accident, but then it got fixt-ed." What a relief, I thought! No doubt, the Man with the Yellow Hat swooped in with his knitting needles and reknitted the scarf for George. In the 12 years, I have been watching that show, I have never seen The Man get even the slightest bit irritated with that mischievous monkey, which always leaves me feeling inadequate and guilty, as a parent. I watch in horror at what George does and then in disbelief at how calm The Man stays, knowing that I would be yelling and screaming, if put in his yellow boots. I find myself wondering, is there anything that Man with the Yellow Hat can't do or any situation that ever pushes him over the edge? Seemingly not. In addition to his very impressive vocation as a paleontologist at The Museum of Naural History in New York, he has a dizzying array of avocations, which no doubt includes being an accomplished knitter. That got me wondering why he doesn't have a Mommy (or Daddy) Blog? If he did, I envision it would be Martha Stewart meets Mr. Rogers and I would be his very first subscriber. After Miles and I finished up our conversation about George and The Man, Miles was lamenting about missing school, his teacher, Miss Jodie, and going to the park - such simple wishes coming from a little boy. When I explained that we would not be able to do any of these things, anytime soon, Miles said what we all probably think, "Stupid Kona Virus. I'm going to punch you in the face!" As he said it, he threw a few air punches for dramatic effect. If put in my shoes, I am sure the Man with the Yellow Hat would have gently admonished Miles and had something prophetic to say at that moment, as he always does. But since I am not him, I laughed instead. I think the whole world agrees with you Miles and wishes we could punch that Stupid Kona Virus in the face. Well said, from a 5-year-old.

Miles doing his daily digging-up of my garden.

Graham picking roses from our garden for our ever-growing collection on the kitchen island. I love April!

Miles and Mommy out enjoying the utterly perfect Spring day.

Miles posing by some stunning roses with his recently resurrected baby toy - "Giraffey"

Graham and Garin reading, old-school-style and new-school-style, respectively, with their Easter Squishmallows.

"Sloathy-Sloathy" attending on Zoom meeting.

Admiring some horses while out on our afternoon walk.

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