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St. Patrick's Day or Thanksgiving? Which is your Favorite Holiday?

St. Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving are two of my favorite meals of the year. I love both, but if really pressed, I would have to choose Thanksgiving as my favorite. My kids, on the other hand, all choose St. Patrick's Day. I think they may be overlooking the sentimentality of Thanksgiving when making their choice, but if basing it strictly on the food, who am I to argue? The corned beef alone is hard to beat.

I have been making some form of this St. Patrick's Day feast for as long as I can remember. Before I had children I would have friends over to celebrate. I had many memorable meals with so many friends over the years. So carrying on this tradition with my children has felt really special.

Perhaps my kids prefer St. Patrick's Day to Thanksgiving because it is drama-free. I like to call it Thanksgiving Light. All the great food without the emotional baggage and family drama that often accompanies the big hitters like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Great food, Irish music, cute little leprechauns, four leaf clovers and everything green. What's not to love?

I made enough food this year for three nights and extra corned beef for sandwiches in the days to follow (I bought two loaves of squishy rye bread for sandwich perfection). As I watched my enthusiastic little leprechauns devour their food, I couldn't help but wonder if they would ever tire of this meal. Anderson Cooper has admitted to eating the same Thanksgiving meal for lunch everyday from the Boston Market restaurant, for countless years, so it is entirely possible they would not.

Graham setting our festive St. Patrick's Day table.

Catheirne and Graham helping to prep the feast.

And here it is, their favorite meal of the year. Corned beef (prepared in the slow cooker for ten hours), rainbow carrots, Brussel sprouts, baby new potatoes, cabbage, creamed horseradish and Irish soda bread.

My hungry little leprechauns eagerly awaiting their meal.

And for dessert, vanilla cupcakes with green and white frosting (not necessarily traditional for the holiday, but delicious nonetheless).

Please click below to hear the kids thoughts on this beloved holiday and view Catherine's attempt at an Irish jig:

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