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Road Trip! California Coast, Here we Come!

After our trip to the East Coast in June, I wasn't sure I had it in me to plan, prepare for, pack and take another trip with four kids. I love them to pieces, but traveling with them, at this age, is no easy feat.

By mid-July, the East Coast trip was in the rear view mirror for a few weeks, so I began to open up to the idea of the second trip we had contemplated for the summer, a trip up the California coast. Since we didn't have to deal with an airplane flight and would be staying "local" (relatively speaking), I figured it would be doable.

This trip took significantly less planning and packing than our East Coast trip. We were going to be seeing and staying with friends along the way, which made for a different kind of trip. Less attractions to have to plan and buy timed tickets for, and more down time with close friends. All a nice contrast to our high intensity (but fantastic) trip to the East Coast.

I had not taken the California coast drive in many years and was excited to share it with the kids. It is a stunningly beautiful trip and one that everyone should have the privilege of taking in their lifetime.

We took off this past Sunday morning for our road trip adventure. We hope you'll enjoy tagging along.

Day One.....

Everyone strapped in the car and ready to hit the road. All four of the kids are able to read while we drive, which is beyond me. Even if I wasn't the chauffeur and was able to ride shotgun, I wouldn't be able to read a word. I am so envious!

The three little kids ride in the back and Garin sits shotgun and helps me with Waze, GPS, etc.. That is when he is not reading. About thirty percent of the time I miss my turns because he's too caught up in his book and not paying attention to the directions. You can imagine how that goes over with the chauffeur!

First stop - Solvang, a Danish town about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles. The line to eat at Paula's Pancakes was so long that we gave up and settled for delicious danish pastries at Mortensen's Bakery, one of five Danish bakeries in town. After looking in a few kitschy shops and seeing the obligatory windmills, we hit the road for our next stop.

Next stop - San Luis Obispo, about 3 hours north of Los Angeles. We started our time there with an early evening walk on the beach with my old and dear friend, Shaun Jackson, who lives with her family in SLO.

Although it was supposed to be a just a walk on the beach, all three boys ended up fully submerged in the ocean at one point or another, in their clothes. They were all pretty grumpy when they had to drudge back to the car in their wet and sandy clothes.

We ended the day at the Jackson's house with a wonderful homemade dinner and plenty of time for our kids to be kids together. Miles seemed to have a boy crush on Nick, Shaun's sweet and handsome 19 year old son.

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