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Regensburg - Two Thousand Years of Perfectly Preserved History with a Mellow Pace, Perfect for us.

Still reeling from the news of Fitzy's death, we were grateful to be in a smaller town, with a slower pace. We had a full agenda for the two nights and one day we were there, but because it was a smaller city, it made everything more manageable than in Nuremberg.

Regensburg has more than 2,000 years of history with 1,500 listed historic buildings, 984 comprising the UNESCO World Heritage 'Old Town with Stadtamhof.' The magnificent Danube River runs through the city, making for beautiful views and a nice meeting place for locals, who enjoy beers and picnics in the evening along the banks of the river.

While in Regensburg, we visited some of the historical sights but also enjoyed wandering around the town. We had a delicious bakery that was a short walk from our apartment where we picked goodies in the morning for breakfast. There was also a traditional beer garden on the river where we had a memorable meal. We had fun sitting at communal tables with locals, who like all Germans, drank lots of beer. There were beautiful shops everywhere including vintage jewelry stores (a personal favorite), a famous hatmaker that's been in business since 1875 and features 15,000 different (custom) hats, shops featuring stunning traditional Bavarian clothing (dirndls and lederhosen), and large but quaint toy shop filled with adorable and well-made German-made toys of every kind. However, our favorite experience in Regensburg was meeting a little fluffy white "shop dog" who lived on the quaint street where our apartment was. He wandered up and down the (pedestrian-only) street, going in and out of the various shops. When we met his owner, who ran two of the shops, and asked what his name was, he told us, "Fritzy." Talking about eerie....

Remembering Fitzy....

This photo was taken on Valentine's Day 2010, just a few weeks after we adopted Fitzy. Garin, Fitzy, and I took many a walk in the twin stroller. As you can imagine, those two boys, riding side-by-side, attracted a lot of attention.

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