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Pandemic Pajama Syndrome. It's Real! Coronavirus Update - Day 90 and Counting...

II've always found there to be a strong correlation between what you choose to wear and how your day turns out. Lately, there has been much written about people's pandemic wardrobes (apparently there is an excess of elastic-waist pants going around) and whether fashion will ever make a comeback after this. Being a person who loves fashion and believes in getting dressed nicely every day I certainly hope so. I reflect on this topic from time-to-time when my brain isn't overloaded with homeschooling; COVID-19; and social injustices and unrest. 

Today, was one of those days. When I left to take Fitzy for his walk this morning the kids were dressed, except for Miles who is living in a permanent pajama party, apparently. While on my walk I received a call from Graham to let me know that the theme of his and Catherine's Zoom meeting this morning was a Pajama and Breakfast Party. How adorable!  I suggested that he and Catherine change back into their pajamas and each pour themselves a bowl of cereal since they had already eaten the breakfast I had prepared. He sounded very excited on the phone. 

When I returned from my walk, he and Catherine were at the kitchen counter, in their PJ's with their bowls of cereal enjoying their respective meetings. It was very sweet. 

Before I knew it, it was noon and they were still in their PJs. Miles too, of course, since he stages his own personal protest against clothing on a daily basis. At 3, they were still in their PJs. At 4, the same. At 4:30 we headed out the pool and the PJs finally came off, temporarily, only to be put back on after pool time. 

PJs and lazy days go together and are contagious. I am convinced of it. Seeing the kids in their PJs all day sucked every ounce of motivation out of me to change and get much done either. I was still in my walking clothes at 3. I finally changed when I had to go out and run some errands.

This syndrome is one of the associated risks of being quarantined. No one expects you to keep a schedule. No one expects you to get dressed. No one expects you to take a shower, style your hair, nor put on make-up. I bet lots of people keep their PJs on all day and for that matter never get out of bed. Who would know? 

Days like today motivate me. I can see the correlation between getting ready in the morning as if life were normal and having a (relatively) productive day versus staying in your PJs (or in my case my exercise clothes) all day and not getting a darn thing done. I am in favor of the latter option. 

When I finally put my civilian clothes on at 3 (and I am just talking about a pair of cute jean cut off shorts, a simple navy tee, and some festive flip flops), my entire day turned around. I was able to leave the house; get my brain organized and moving, and get a few meaningful things done.


To each his or her own, but I highly advocate getting dressed every day as if we are not living like housebound sloths in the midst of a pandemic. The more I look like my old self, the more I feel like my old self living my old life. I'll be ready and looking my best when we get the thumbs up to rejoin life again. I can hardly wait!

The Pajama Breakfast Zoom Party. Of course Miles couldn't resist joining given it was a pajama party.

Miles doing one his new magic tricks for Garin.

Miles' artistic selfie I found on my phone this evening.

Another refreshing day in the West Valley.

This is how Miles went out in the heat to join me on my errands. Perhaps he was planning on an afternoon siesta with with heavy blanket?

Miles-the-Menace riding on the dashboard as I pulled into the garage. He never runs out of bad and dangerous ideas to try out.

It's close to 5 and the Pjs are still on.

A little PJ break to take a swim.

Right back in the PJs after swimming.

Graham back in PJs with the kite he made - a gift from Mrs. Stevenson.

PJs and Goldfish by the pool. A great combo!

It's 5:30 so why not get in your PJs early?

Dinner: Stir-Fry Beef with Assorted Veggies. Delicious!

Simple Steamed Jasmine Rice.

The twins joined me and Fitzy on our after dinner walk, in their PJs, of course.

The kids' new gigantic donut-themed inflatable raft. They can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

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