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Olympic-Inspired Ice Skating and Channing Tatum. Miles' Awesome Birthday Weekend Continues.

Miles' birthday weekend continued yesterday and today. We also celebrated another special birthday this weekend. With so many activities and so much celebrating to pack it, it's a good thing it was a three-day weekend.

We started Sunday morning with one of the kids' brunch favorites, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes topped with fresh berries and powered sugar.

After brunch, we were off to the movies. We saw Dog, with Channing Tatum. A hunky guy and an adorable Belgian Malinois dog. It's hard to beat that cast.

Then we off to CPK for dinner - the twin's choice for their special celebration. Pizzas and lemonades all around.

When we got home we celebrated the twins' 9 1/2 year old birthday with a delicious carrot cake, a few candles, some signing, and of course secret birthday wishes.

The twin's posed for their official half birthday portrait this morning.

After breakfast, we headed out for a neighborhood walk, enjoying the perfectly crisp winter day.

This afternoon, we headed out to ice skate. I think Nathan Chen's fabulous gold medal performance inspired Miles to return to the ice rink, after a nearly four year hiatus.

Fun was had by all at rink, most especially Miles, who requested an afternoon of ice skating for his birthday, which isn't until tomorrow.

Miles who had a handful of lessons when he was just three, knocked it out of the park today as he re-acquainted himself with the rink. He was fearless and determined, as always.

We worked up quite an appetite after two and a half hours of ice skating and ended the day with burgers and fries at Islands.

And now on to Miles' real birthday, tomorrow. Stay tuned....

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