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My Second Gallery Showing: School. By Catherine Lieblich. Coronavirus Update - Day 154 and Counting.

Hi, it's Catherine today. I am going to show you my school art in this blog. I will show you my watercolors next week.

I am very lucky that I have a good art program at my school. My teacher's name is Mrs. Wilson. She is very nice and talented. Art is my favorite subject at school, But I miss going to school and doing art class there. When I was in school I had an art class every week. I used watercolors, oil pastels, and crayons to make my art.

I hope you like my school art.

This is Frida Kahlo. I love how colorful it is. My favorite part is the monkey and her hair. My mom loves this painting. It took three art classes to finish it.

I drew this skeleton for Day of the Dead. I really liked doing the face because it has a lot of details.

This is a heart for Valentines Day. I loved mixing all of the colors for the heart. In the background I did little squares and painted them with different colors.

A tie dye style apple with a rainbow background. It looks like you're going into a rainbow apple.

A vase with sunflowers in it. I love the sky-blue background and the orange and yellow vase.

These are Japanese flowers on a branch. I like the delicate flowers because it's like a blossom.

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1 Comment

Siobhan Cushing
Siobhan Cushing
Aug 13, 2020

Hi Catherine,

Your school art work is fantastic, thank you for sharing! I have to say that although I really like the skeleton art piece. My favorite one hands down is the heart. It might have to do with the fact that I went to a high school named Immaculate Heart and all around the campus there were hearts. Your mother also went to that same high school and that is where I met her. Have a good day.

Take care,


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