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"Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day..." Coronavirus Update - Day 82 and Counting...

It was one of those Mondays. You know those Mondays. I have never liked Mondays. When we re-fashion the entire world, as Conventional Wisdom seems sure will be necessary after the quarantine is lifted, maybe we can eradicate Mondays at the same time we eradicate COVID-19.

Between what is going on in the world and my Mommy/Teacher burnout, it was not one of our better days. We are getting down to the wire with school, which should be a good thing, but for Garin, it is not. He has struggled the most, of all the kids, with the distance-learning model. He is woefully behind in some of his classes, due to confusion about assignments, frustration with not being physically in school, and the Master's Degree he has managed to earn in Minecraft over the past three months, while he was supposed to be doing his schoolwork. I found out today that all make-up work is due on Wednesday and I don't think we have a hope of getting most of it in. It's quite discouraging for both of us, for different reasons. I now know what it feels like to fail as a teacher as if the mom-guilt I was already shouldering wasn't enough.

The situation going on in the world isn't helping. All of the chaos, unrest, and uncertainty is making it more challenging to focus. As if just dealing with a pandemic wasn't enough.

There were a few bright spots in the day. Miles was his jovial and happy self all day, amusing us all. He was very excited about the presents he received yesterday for his graduation party and made good use of them today. He spent a lot of time in the yard with his new tools and the rest of the time with "Perry" the Peregrine Falcon. I marvel at his creativity and ability to think of fun and imaginative things to do when the other kids are tied up with school.

After dinner, we had another exciting win, which you will see below. The day ended on a good note. You can't ask for more than that in these tough times and if you do, you're just setting yourself up for disappointment. Small victories are what count.

Miles in the yard with his new saw - one of many real tools in his set.

He is only allowed to use the saw under the strictest of supervision. It is hidden high up and away when he is not using it, for all you concerned parents!

It's real alright. Yikes!

Miles with Perry. He brought in one of the real bird nests we found when we were gardening and gave it to Perry. Apparently Perry is a modern male falcon who can lay an egg, build a nest and have baby

We made a hard boiled egg for Perry to sit on and care for in HIS nest.

Perry and his nest, watching the boys eat their lunch.

Catherine's beautiful art project for class today, keeping with the bird theme going on at our house.

Miles built this castle for Perry.

Perry's got the good life here!

Miles looking on as Catherine does her work. Note: Miles still in his PJ's from last night as dinner and bedtime approach tonight.

Perry enjoying his dinner in the yard. Miles takes his pet care very seriously.

Miles enjoying the homemade popsicle he made today with Graham. It was their Martha Stewart project of the day. I knew nothing about it until he got it out of the freezer for dessert.

I took off my teacher hat after dinner and put on my doctor's coat with the hope of getting Catherine's (doctor-issued) earrings back in. Thanks to the antibiotics, her ears had healed enough in he past 3 days, to give it a try. It was a harrowing 30 minutes.

Doctor/Mommy saved the day and got the earrings back in. We loaded up with antibiotic cream and are going to pray her ears will accept them back. If not, it will be back to the doctor in a few months for try #3!

Christmas came late in the form of the New York Times in my driveway this morning. I gave up my subscription years ago due to being overwhelmed and not having time. Nothing has changed. I just missed the paper so much, I decided I was going to make time. I was happy as a clam today as I sat in the "classroom" and read as the kids did their work.

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