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"Mommy, You're Going to get Bitten by a Rattlesnake! " Coronavirus Update - Day 69 and Counting...

Today was gardening on steroids. That is the only way to describe it. I carried on with my cutting, chopping, and clearing. I worked for about six hours on a steep hillside trimming multiple trees and hedges that had become hugely overgrown. 

Early in the morning, Russ, my neighbor, dropped off a few very useful gardening tools to borrow, that I don't have. Since I am new to gardening, I don't yet have the tools I need, but day-by-day, I am learning. I was so excited to receive these new tools and started putting them to use right away. 

Miles helped me for a while, earlier in the day, and then Catherine joined me after she was done with her school work, as often does. Catherine is more helpful, but I love my chats with Miles, even though he doesn't do much actual gardening. The things he says, make me smile. Here were a few snippets of some of our conversations today:

Miles: Mommy, tomorrow our other gardener is going to come to help. His name is Sanjay Cooper. 

Mommy: Do you mean Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper are coming to the garden with us tomorrow?

Miles: Yes.

Mommy:  I can't wait for that!

Miles: Mommy I am getting afraid you are going to fall and break your bones because you are so high up on the mountain. 

Mommy: I'm okay Miles, but thank you for being concerned about me. (I wasn't sure I was okay, once he said that, but I thought it best to reassure him, and me, that I was).

Miles: Mommy I am afraid you are going to get bitten by a rattlesnake up there. 

Mommy:  Miles please don't say that. I am trying not to think about rattlesnakes right now. (The chances that I was going to get bitten by a rattlesnake were quite high, which is why his comment scared the bejesus out of me). 

Living on an acre and a quarter of land, I feel like I could get swallowed up in this gardening thing for months without tending to another thing. Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of time to do that, nor the physical stamina to deal with the extreme heat that will be here any day. But for now, I enjoy the diversion and the tremendous sense of accomplishment every day when I work the land. 

There's nothing as exciting as opening a care package filled with colorfully wrapped gifts. Thank you, Godmother Tessa, for all the thoughtful gifts. The kids are so pleased!

Serious hillside trimming today.

Miles helping to trim off the dead rose buds.

The haulers came out "after school" to help.

I couldn't do it without my right-hand girl.

This heap of branches and leaves is a lot bigger than it looks. Thank you Russ, for loaning me your garden tools today, so I could get this huge job done.

The cleaning crew nestled in all of leaves and branches.

Catherine and I finishing up some more trimming, right before dinner, high up on the hillside.

We found an even bigger bird's nest today (abandoned, of course). Now we have a set.

Roasted Cod and Potatoes. Sort of an Irish peasant dish. Only four ingredients (sliced potatoes, cod, olive oil, salt and pepper), and so delicious!. I found the recipe online from the New York Times.

Braised Cabbage made with olive oil, chicken stock, white wine, salt and pepper. The perfect compliment to the Irish peasant casserole.

Graham got all dressed up to go on our evening walk. He believes you can never be overdressed. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The crew out for our after-dinner walk.

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